473. Feniks with briefcase

Rise from the dust is motivational quote. That is something as "die to be born again". When you touch the bottom and only shits are under , your friends will courage you on this way. Legend about Feniks is good example. Red-gold bird Feniks will die to finish his life circle, and then he will rise from the dust and go in Helliopolis. Accord some legends, that bird lives 500 and more years, as symbol of eternal braveness. 

If you ever participated on business meeting where some entrepreneur wanted to sell his products , you will hear similar stories. First what you see is man in business suite or elegant woman. They will talk endlessly with artificial smile on their faces. 

"I was fat and ugly, with bad teeth. Everybody laughed to me. I was victim of bullies. Then i woke up one day with strong decision to make success in my life. I got an idea, this product will change my life forever. People joined to me, we spread our circle and now we are earning a lot of money. I will not get up from my bed for less than ... (large amount of euros or dollars). "

That kind of story will inspire losers so everybody will think that changes are possible over night. If you were born as ugly duck , soon this makeover will be done. You are beautiful princess and all kings are fighting for you. Stories about success are filled by exaggerating. I had 100 kilograms and now model agency is chasing me. "Playboy" wants to pay for my naked photos. Bill Gates called me to offer me a job.

Before you swallow all this nonsense, open your eyes. This period of recession is good background for impostors. Before few years unknown travell agency in Croatia offered journey from dreams in Tenerife, for 600 euros. Small money for elite vacation, but good trap for poor people. Some of them paid this and  never saw Tenerife. Instead of this they saw article in newspaper about this "agency." Guess, their employees never replied on phone calls after they took money.

It is not all black, so success is possible. Well you will not open door and Bill Gates will not stay in front with business offer. Also, Hugh Hefner will not chase you for nude cover of magazine. Step by step, you can go very far if you believe in yourself but also if you have healthy awareness. Be ready for money loss, night with insomnia and people who will laugh to you. 

Success is unpleasent because envious people will surround you as sharks. Here is that Feniks with briefcase, ready to destroy you, because he is your competitor. Don't let him to stand on your feet.

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