474. Reserve player

Main player is always on the ground and his substitute sits on the bench. He will jump in accord opportunities. He must wait until main player hurt himself or give up from the match. Similar situation is in love affair. If you love someone who is taken, you must wait your turn, which will maybe never happen.
Reserves are always in background. You are as eagle, wait when sight is clear to catch your chance. Many couples are not aware that their second half already have reserve. They live in blessing ignorance , that their love will last eternal and forever.

Some signs will help you to find out, is your soulmate only yours or you share her with someone.

Your partner has friends which you never met. You just heard about them, but you were never introduced.

Your partner spend a lot of time on some free activities, as yoga, fitness or library club, and you don't know nothing about this.

Your partner hides cell phone or email when you enter into room.

Your partner start to change complete style. Different clothes, hairstyle or diet programme are something what she never cares about before, but now is actual.

You caught her or him in lies or empty explanations.

People start to talk behind your back and laugh. Someone with good intentions said about gossips and main subject is your partner. Where is smoke, there is fire.

Hana and Gordon were in relation about five years. He was working in Switzerland for a while and she waited him because they lived together. She spent a lot of time in nightclubs with her friends, and around them were also attractive guys, so Gordon heard some rumors. He never cared, but Hana was more and more frustrated and on distance. She complaint for every small detail , this flat was not good for her anymore, he was grumpy and cold, and she felt unhappy. Gordon could not please her even to buy a space, just for her. They split after many arguements. Few months later, Gordon heard big news, that Hana is getting married. He almost got heart attack. Hana was cheating him all the time, with her best friend Ian. He was reserve, and he jumped into empty spot. Just like in football, he waited his opportunity to play in the match. 

Some women will give bad advices to each other, when their relation is not stabile. They will say, find someone for replacement. This is not solution, this is just beginning of your end. If you sit on two chairs, you are ready to fall on the floor. You will lose your partner or your lover. Your heart will be elastic as chewing gum, and it will break on pieces. Your lover could feel as idiot, until he waits his moment. Your husband could be suspicious, because you have secrets. 

If you play as Hana, you can win the game but there will be victims. Some women are so cold that they don't care what is left behind. Maybe she hurt good guy but it was not something she would care about. Her ego is the most happy, two guys fall in love in her. Just imagine how you would feel that your partner has another woman and that you share him with her. Your replacement is on the bench, and you don't know nothing about this.