481. Self-esteem - your best follower

How many times you take a look of yourself at the mirror, as your worst enemy?  So you said something like this: "I am fat. My skin is wrinkled . I have eye bags and pimples. My nose is big." There is much exaggerating when women desribe themselves. Especially if woman is young and her role model is Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, or any other famous star. Even photoshop is doing miracles, many women will compare their faces and bodies with celebrities and despair will shine from their eyes.

Here is one important thing. Even if you are pretty, you will be unhappy and your acts will reject people. Do you know why? Because you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I remember the day when i was eighteen. It was my first time that i wore short skirt and high heels. I was thinking that everyone is staring at me. I felt as i swallow broomstick. I was clumsy and when guy in nightclub asked me for a dance, i was so rigid. My feet were as from wood and whole night was ruined. Not to mention that i had feeling how everyone can see my panties, because of short skirt. Indeed, nobody said to me nothing. People were busy with themselves, it was dark in this club and my fear was without reason. Ten years later i went to after beach party and i felt good. Nothing changed on my body, i even got some kilograms, but also i got something more important. It was my selfconfidence. Then i had so much fun and i felt like i am Miss of the beach.

Everything is in your mind. If you feel that everyone is laughing to you, probably someone will laugh, but this person will laugh because you pay attention on this. 

How to build selfconfidence?

Wear something what makes you comfortable. 

Find guy who will tell you often how sexy you are.

Smile, because it gives special shine to your face.

Show that you have spirit. Talk positive, make jokes, share your good mood with others.

I know, here is always that moment when you wish to be someone else. Your best friend is maybe more successful. Her husband is maybe more rich or handsome that yours. She is maybe prettier than you are. Well, you don't know how she feels in her skin. Maybe she is very tired from successful career. Maybe her husband don't pay attention to her anymore. Some people are masters, how to pretend that everything is allright. I had neighbor who was so kind with everyone. When she closed her door, i heart her arguements with husband and son. They used awful words and they were insulting each other so much that i felt unpleasent. When another day came, all were again happy family who had the best parties in my street.

Which is the best test for your selfconfidence level?

When someone mocks you, and you are smiling. Then you reply with cold mind and insult that person on smart way.

When you heard gossips about you and you don't show any reaction.

When someone is threating you, and you are calm.

Once when you reach the highest level of selfconfidence, you will not care are you poor, ugly, single or alone. You will know that you can change your situation with one hint, because you have the best supporter - your healthy self-esteem.