483. Updating love story

Fall in love every day, every week, every month. This sparks shine around you and butterflies in your belly are dancing. If you feel this, you are teenager. Your heart is roller coaster, it jumps up and down and you never know who is next. Your soulmates are changing so soon that you don't remember their names.

This kind of love has next symptoms:

Every attractive person is potential partner.

You don't know how much it will last. Probably until next month. 

You can't stay faithful. Too much challenges are around.

Your breakups are ugly and dramatic. 

Words "i love you" are so often, as "good morning."

During years we are collecting experience, personal dramas and pieces of broken heart. In this process we are learning about disappointments, rejections and denials, our tears are sharp teachers and our heart is silent pupil. We recognize fake fantasies from real values, and maturity is a book with many chapters about love, loss and pain. 

When mature person falls in love, it will not be so easy. Years and years of loneliness taught us that not everyone is worthy of trust. Every time when new guy knocks on our door, we will turn on our movie from past and alarm will ring in the case of doubts. That is why woman in forties is more cautious than girl in twenties.

How mature person falls in love?

She will say no very easy, if certain man is not accord her standards.

She will not run from bed to bed, unless she did not decide to collect only adventures.

She will not expect big love after one night stand.

She will not be jealous on any girlfriend from past, or on any female friends. She knows where she is standing for.

She will not expect that amazing guy changes her life. She do it by herself.

Now, this wild girl is wise woman. She has many stories behind her, and she reads between lines. She can advice her daughter, friends or anybody else about love. She is not bitter and frustrated, she is just careful. That is why some guys run away from young girls and decide about more mature women. She will not complain about everything because she knows much about life. This updating love story is more bulletproof than previous, because she has been already there.