484. 10 signs that you are hungry for love

Love can't be measured, but if we could use Libra, one person will always love more. It is not because that person has bigger heart or huge feelings, it is just the way how this love is expressed. So person x will keep some emotions inside, but person y will throw all this out. 
Problem doesn't exist if you accept that your better half is recipient, not giver. Well, if you live in eternal expectations how someone will return your love, and it never happens, you are in trouble.

This 10 signs will discover truth about your heart.

 If you recognize yourself there, you are person who is hungry for love.

You are the one who always send messages and who calls your partner first.

You are creator of plans, about dinner, movie, dates, and all things where you go together.

You introduce your partner to your parents, but he still did not decide to do the same.

You wish to marry, but he is still in pending position.

You are in constantly lack of attention by your partner. 

You start to cheat your partner, because you are hungry for love.

If he breaks relation, you will cry and ask him back.

You continue to call him even he left you a long time ago.

You still talking about him with tears in your eyes.

You threat him with suicide if he leaves you.

When your beloved man discovers that you are hungry for love, he can take advantage. Some man have huge ego and they will stay with woman even they can't love back on the same way. In this case you can stuck in kind of love slavery. He will insult you, humiliate you, even he can use fists to show you who is the boss. Your tears are signature that you accept his conditions.

As much feelings are beautiful expression of heart, flood of feelings is not so desirable. When you give too much water to flowers, it can drown and die. The same is with love, who can handle that you love him so much? In the same time, you lose yourself and all good people around you. Sometimes this kind of love is so scary that you are ready to kill for him or her. 

When you see person who is busy with work, who reads a lot or doing sport, you will know that such person is not so hungry for love. You don't need to hold her hand all the time, to whisper sweet words or to kiss him all over just to prove your love. This is more healthy situation, because you know that you will not have any concern if you travel at business trip in another city or if you go out with your friends one night. In other case, you will look at your phone with fear that your darling will make suicide if you are not with him 24 hours.