488. Blank space

Good recipe for successful relation is in healthy dose of absence. If you don't spend 24 hours a day with your partner, if you don't follow him everywhere, he will miss you. Let he wonder where are you, what are you doing and sparks will be around all the time.

Weekend time is often subject of discussion, because we should spend it with beloved person. If you work all week, some free moments at weekend are precious to share it with the one who is the most important for you. But, what if sometimes he wish to spend time with his friends?

Now i see  faces of wondering, and some women will make scenes if he wants to go out with his friends. What she will do alone in Saturday or Friday night?

Ladies, here are things which you never should do in this case.

Don't threat him that you will leave him if he goes out without you. He will feel pressure, like he is in jail.

Don't make scenes and especially don't follow him in place where he will go.

Don't cry as it is end of the world.

Don't use situation to cheat him, because he doesn't deserve this.

Don't be angry on him when he came back , to make him feel guilty. He did not kill anyone.

In this situation, you can do things which are not possible when you are together. Watch some movie by your taste. For example, he doesn't like " Love rosie", so you can watch this alone, without his complaint that he feels as teenage girl. Maybe you wish to talk with your female friends and he would get bored with you? Now is a time to invite your friends on tea and trade gossips or compare how much weight you need to lose. Or which haircut is the most popular. Or is Bradley Cooper the most handsome actor or Orlando Bloom. Such conversations get on nerves to every man.

Jade is woman who never complaint on her boyfriend Cole. Once in two month he went out at business dinner and later in night club with his friends. Later, when he came back, he is very horny. She let him to sleep after, she make him lunch and they walk together in the park. Cole is grateful because his girlfriend knows a lot about tolerance. 

How much blank space is allowed to your partner?

Not every guy is fair player. Someone will use this benefit to cheat and lie to his girlfriend. If you cannot trust him, search what he is doing, because it is not hard to find out. Man who spent more time with friends than at home is for surely cheater. There must be a balance, how much time you will be with your partner and how much time is for personal, free activities. That is difference between single and taken. You have freedom even you are taken, but this freedom comes with respect for your partner. 

There is magical word - deal. If you have agreement and if you don't hide nothing, you have right on your blank space. Otherwise, this transformation from taken to single will come out very fast.