489. Bad choices - chess game for losers

You might still hear advices in your ears, from your friends or parents, about your choices. The one who was not right for you screwed you even they warned you. Your inner voice was also activated, and you did not pay attention, because your stubbornness stopped you. Your desires were stronger, to involve with something or someone who was indeed wrong choice.

Women will often sit with their friends, to talk about wrong men from their previous relations. This kind of men are those who left emotional scarves, tears and bad memories. Anyway, they will still be topic of your stories, and sometimes you feel kind of nostalgia, because this guy who turned your life around is not here with you anymore.

Why we involve with people who are totally wrong choice for us?

Curiosity. This one which killed the cat, as in old proverb. Human mind is curious, and we wish to find out everything what is new, strange or forbidden. The more mysteries are around, we will dig more.

Learning process. Also, in human nature is that we like to learn, to upgrade our system. Mistakes are the best lessons, because if everything is going smoothly, it is too easy.

Challenges. Many of us are hungry for challenges, and wrong choices are indeed temptations. Why it could not be different?

We wish to change things which are not made for changes. How many women wanted to settle down with  playboy, because their ego wish to be the best or better than everyone else?

Hilda is good example of wrong choices. Her love stories are always dramatic. She was with married man, with guy who lives in another country, with bisexual guy and with guy who is 15 years younger than she is. When her friends asked her why she pick such impossible choices, she said that she needs adrenaline. 

She talked about David, her ex boyfriend, with tears in her eyes: "Yes he hurt me a lot. But she was so exciting, with him i felt that i am young again. I was smiling and i felt also very sexy, because we made love almost every day. At the end he left me because of another woman, but i will hard forget him. He was too young for me, i know this, but i am glad i met him. "

It is alright if we made experiments from time to time, as refreshment in our life. Well, if you made your life story from bad and wrong choices, if you stay in old ages as person without money and life partner, you should ask yourself : "Could it be different?"

The basic question in relation between desires and reality is : "Did i make plan B? What if this will not work out, even i want it so much?"

Life is chess game. If you know where to move your figures, if you will not sacrifice your king in small battles, for meaningless purposes, you think on good way. You can make deadline for your plans, and turn another page in the case that you missed your aim. Don't stay too long, frozen between your bad choices. The sun of life will melt you, but maybe it will be too late.