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Do you want to be young again?

Imagine how would you feel that you have chance to be young again, to start whole life from the beginning. If you are woman in middle ages, maybe you look at your pictures in album from youth and regret because you did not use your time properly. If you are rich and famous, maybe you wish to play God and act like young girl. 
Time is cruel, and no matter how young soul you have, how much plastic surgeries you did and how much energy you feel, some things are under your power.

Madonna is the most successful female singer in history. Her albums are still popular, she is kind of authority for young people and many will agree that she is cool, even she has over 50. Her style, her songs and provocative videos as "Justify my love" or "Like a prayer", where she is dancing with black Jesus, all this stuffs made her popular . Madonna think as act as she is on the top of the world, so her affairs with guys who are double younger than her are just confirmation of her big ego.

Recently, Madonna kissed in mouth popular rap singer Drake. It becomes her habit, the same she did with Britney Spears before few years and Britney accepted this as part of show. Young Drake, who can be son of Madonna accord his ages, wipe his mouth as sign of sickness. Some were surprised by his reaction, how he dares to do it, that is Madonna. Well, even i appreciate Madonna as singer and successful woman, i will say what he did is right thing. His reaction shows : "Madonna you are old, start to act properly to your ages."

Not everyone is impressed by money and power and not everyone will sell own soul and pride just to make success. Dignity and honor are not measured by money, so person who value dignity more than money will do exactly this, wipe his mouth or even spit into face. It is not rarely that we will be terrified if some old guy try to kiss young teenage girl, so why not now? Imagine that Madonna is just a tailor, 50 years old, and she wish to kiss young guy who came to pick up his suit. Everyone would say, granny is ready for mental asylum. In this case, this should be cool? If Drake has girlfriend who watch this public show, it would be also something normal? 

Legend says, when swan is at the end of his life, he signs the most beautiful song. This is kind of Madonna song, where she try to persuade others that she is still so sexy that everyone will wank on her. She tries to beat young competition, even her body looks as skeleton and her face is wrinkled. More, she remaind on robot from "Terminator" movie, ready to kill everyone who stand on her way.

Wild guys, as Drake is will often show on rough way where is your place. This kind of guys are rebellious and they don't let anyone to order to them or to push them in some undesirable direction. If he wish to spend night with some chick, he will do it without question. So this act of Madonna is insult of his male power, because granny tried to show world that he is her young slave. Even some medias claims that she bite him.

When older woman is seducing young guy or when she wish his attention, she should show next things:

Maturity. Prove him why you are adult.

Pride and honor. Show him that you are not public service.

Dignity. Show him that you are selective and your attention is free as air.

Manners. You are not young girl who will scream or laugh loudly just to pull his attention. One blink of your eye or sensual voice will be better choice.

Distance. You are not desperate even you are older. If he wants to get you, he must try harder.

There is nothing more sad than filthy, vulgar woman in certain ages, who cries or make jealous and drama scenes, because young guy rejected her. Why to surprise if you must listen this kind of speech:

"You are old bitch, so why don't you leave me alone? Go to your husband or whoever fuck you."

Better prevent yourself from disaster neither to heal. If you think that younger guys are too hard nut for you, stick to your peers. Even if you are celebrity.

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