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How to deal with the introvert?

Did you ever feel that you need a tool to open someone's mouth? Or, that you squeeze words from your partner, as he is not so fresh lemon? This kind of person who lives in the center of own inner world is introvert.

No matter are your friend, lover or just a colleague with an introvert, you will need a key for his cuffs. You will break walls with a cleaver, before any actions or deal with him.

What you must have on your mind if you deal with an introvert?

Silence is his main weapon. 

If person shuts up, if you don't get reply or message or if he blocked your calls, this is his way of defense.

An introvert is cold-blooded, or it looks like.

If he cries, he does it inside of him. You will not get scenes as breaking glasses or yelling. Dead silence will burn you.

An introvert is the leader of quiet elimination.

He will not say loud what is bothering him. He will show you with a look in his eyes and without greetings.

An introvert is a selective person.

He is not a friend of everyone and he has abandoned friends. His graveyard of friends is in his past.

What can you expect from introverts?

If you are in love relationship with an introvert, you will be surprised when he broke up. 

This is an example, what happened to Betty.

"He did not call me the whole week and I was worried because we were not fighting. Our last meeting was only walking on the street, with formal words. When I called him to ask what happened when I asked am I a bad person, he replied to me "you said it, not me. " 

If you work with the introvert, he could be a snitch. 

Leona describes this very well.

"My office mate doesn't want to talk with me, even I did nothing bad. I just closed the window because of cold wind outside. She complains to my boss, that I want to choke her with stinky air. "

Your friend is introvert?

Sam talks about his ex-friend.

"He always agreed with me, and one day he did not want to go on football match with me. When I asked him what happened, he said that he doesn't feel good in my company because I never asked for his opinion."

You have a silent enemy?

Emma said about her rival Sandra.

"That bitch was looking at my boyfriend, as she would fuck him in the street. And she was looking with me as she would kill me. But when I asked her for gossips, she just smiled. As real snake."

An introvert is a person who likes to read, write and to live in the psychic inner world, accord Carl Gustav Jung. That is the intelligent human creature, but in extreme shapes, it could be a devil in sheep form. It is very seductive when introvert girl blinks with her eyes and whisper your name. Also, that is very mean when you sit in the office with a person who doesn't care will you stop coughing or not, because you are air for her. If you use this skill in good direction, you can take advantage and win your competition. If you abuse this, people will hate you. Some killers were introverts, good guys from the neighborhood, and nobody would tell bad about them. They were just silent people who would help the old lady to cross the road. And one day police come to arrest them.
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