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The mistress by a recommendation

The relation is sharing of responsibility. Some men are not ready for relations, but they can't admit this to himself. They are searching, exploring and hurting women. Then, they will regret when is too late. What kind of expert advice should be given to immature men? Find a mistress, not a girlfriend. Find a woman who is married and who asks for a lover.

If you make a poll between women, they will not hide facts about lovers. If you wish to avoid egg in your face, don't ask a married woman about secret affairs. The answer will be: "I am a loyal and pure woman. Who, me? I would never do that. " An opposite, if you ask men, they will compete. Men in midlife crises, businessmen, playboys, they will brag about their mistresses because that is a symbol of power. 

When Prince Charles had affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, he proudly said that he would like to be her tampon. When Princess Diana had lovers, publicity judged her, as a woman under moral question. In history time, Empress Sissi was unhappy in the marriage and she even accepted that her husband Franz Joseph had a mistress, Katherina von Schratt, famous actress in theatre. History knows rumors about her love affairs, but it was inappropriate to declare, even she was not an innocent lady.

So, let skip moral values to see the story from another angle. Imagine a man who is not responsible, not serious and without job and money. Perhaps he is too young or he is not monogamous. He is a perfect target for a married woman.

In affair with a mistress who is married, rules are changing.

No responsibility. You can get out from that relation when you wish, and she has no right to blame you for a broken heart.

No guarantee. Future doesn't belong to lovers. That is present moment, now or never.

No guilty. You can't take the burden on your lover. You are the one who cheats husband.

No surprises. He left you? You are revealed? This results should be expected.

A wise married woman will pick single man. Triangle is painful, but the square is more complicated. If he has kids, even worse. He should not be a father in this case. He should be good at keeping secrets. Also, he should have a sense of reality, not to expect that she will escape with him, from her safe marriage.

What kind of women are candidates for danger zone? 

Men, never pick this kind of women:

A woman in marriage with a violent husband. 

If he beats her, you are next.

A woman in marriage with an ill husband.

He could have cancer, PTSP, paralyze. You will feel like the monster if his wife is your mistress.

Too old woman.

Your mistress is 15 or 20 years older than you? It will be hard to get rid of her. You are her source of youth.

Your boss.

Don't mix job and privacy. If you work for her, you could be fired after a breakup.

Your neighbor.

You wish to feel as in battle zone every day? Are you sure that her husband doesn't know? You will see when your car will be damaged.

Who would be ideal mistress then?

A woman who separate reality from illusion. She knows her limits and her expectations are with a deadline.

The woman which husband travels a lot. She is often alone. Be careful just when the husband is back home.

A woman who accepts your choices. You can find a girlfriend and she must be ready for that.

A woman from another country. Maybe you have an only virtual relationship with her, but at least she can't knock at your door to ruin your life if she is mad.

Escort lady. If you are enough rich to effort this.

This world is a place for hypocrites. Famous and powerful people will hide their secret life behind eyes of publicity, and yet they will judge those who are revealed or caught in the action. Some men are competitive, and they like to brag about their mistresses in front of their friends. The more beautiful woman is the more desirable trophy. It is easier to admit: "I had a mistress" than "I was not able for healthy relationships. " Word "mistress" is the secret code, for desires, freedom, lack of emotional control or discipline. All is fair in love and war until you get caught.

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