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When the internet rape people

Internet should be tool for connecting people who are far away. In many cases that is good way to talk with persons you will never meet in real life. But, when you open this secret box, you will find dark place with doors for revenge. You can be crucified on internet on many ways, and one of them is spreading porno video about you. If you are unknown person, probably that will not be so popular but it will stigmatize you. If you are celebrity, you are target for this deadly weapon.

Starting from Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, this kind of videos were popular toys to pull attention on main actors in this "movies." It was not harmful for all, so Kim made big business based on her video and probably nobody would be interested for The Kardashians without this little story. Croatian singer Severina claimed that someone stole video from her laptop and she rise big dust, but story was forgotten and she is popular singer now days. Shall we talk that mentioned girls were ashamed? Maybe on first sight, but with time that movies brought them more popularity and more money.

Now days we have different story. Croatian model Tina Katanić recently became "star" in porno video with 3 guys. Problem is, she was under influence of drugs, without conscience and she looks like manipulated doll on this video. Accord press, that guys she knew from before. Tina shown clearly her opinion about this. She hired lawyer to sue them and she reported case to police. Rape under influence of drugs and spreading porno video without permission on internet are criminal acts. Whoever did this, accord Criminal law in Croatia, can be punished with 10 years of prison or more. 

Anytime when publicity talk about raped women, opinions are divided. In many cases, victim of rape will get label, as woman who deserved this. Audience on internet made amateur analysis of Tina's behavior. So, she was dressed inappropriate. She had garters in night club. She provoked guys with her dance. She finished in flat with them, and she reported case after one year, when someone started to blackmail her. So, moral majority will say : "She is guilty, spit on her. " Some stories about her past also made additional reasons for gossips. Accord some rumors, Tina was escort lady, but it was never confirmed. Publicity knows Tina as queen beauty of Croatia and model . She was commenting actual football news in show "Brazuka", during world championship in Brazil. 

In this case, audience often lose objectivity. During impressions people will not talk about facts. They will see prostitute in the influence of drugs. What is very interesting, nobody mentioned names of guys who made video. That is secret information, and they are marked as victims. Something in this case reminds me on cave, when macho guy is raping woman, and others will clap their hands, because that is real man. He shown her where is her place. She asked for it. This time, that is even worse, she is tool under influence of drugs and she can't think with own mind. 

Normal, mature and healthy man will never force or deceive woman to do anything against her wishes. It doesn't matter is that woman prostitute or escort, what size is her dress or does she wear bra. If she says no, if she reject to be involved in this, that is act of rape. When man brags and spread video about his activities, that talk about him, as insecure person who ask for approval of his abilities. He is not sure about his sex virtues? Well, people look at video, what do you think?

Women will say : "It could not happen to me, i don't have such friends and i don't go on such places." Well, perhaps you have right. You don't go in night club in garters, but are you sure that you are spared of troubles? Maybe not you, but your daughter, sister or best friend is party girl who like to dance in club, and maybe her friends are idiots or rapists. Tina was not careful and cautious. She is model and celebrity and she should be more careful. She is very desirable target for men, to take an advantage of her. What happened is maybe partly her fault, but do she deserve to be judged? 

We have legal institutions to solve this problems. Police and court and Department for human rights. B.a.b.e. are Croatian organisation for protection of women rights. Let them deal with this, because porno video with Tina is not promo video for her career. If that guys will not be judged, we will show bad example for the future. What is message then? Every woman could be raped , every guy has right to gave her drugs and to do with her what he wants. You might don't know, but you participated in this when you said that she deserved this.
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