518. In and out of love

Love makes our judgement misty. If you have problems with breathing, your heart beats faster or your hands are shaking when you talk with certain person, you fall in love. Your secret crush has power to turn your world around.

Fall out of love makes our mind sober. We are sad and disappointed, but when fairy tale is over , we will get objectivity. It is feeling when you open your eyes and see things different.

Well, heart job here is not done. It is not so simply to fall out of love, even our story needs logical end.

When is recommended to fall out of love?

You get bored with your partner. 

Your love is taken. 

Your partner treat you as toy.

Your love is far away from you.

You are discarded, your partner doesn't love you.

The problem is  you fall in love when you don't know this, there is no awareness. This is spontaneous act and suddenly butterflies are in your stomach. Maybe this was your friend, you knew him a long time ago. Then he smiled to you, he saved you from troubles, he was all the time with you, and this is result. When you get close with someone, when you have need to text him all the time, this is step forward to fall into net of love.  Or, maybe your lover is someone you did not like before, you had conflict with him , but sparks between you and him turned into magic. That are strange ways of love.

How to erase this magic? Fall out of love could also be spontaneous. Without intentions, you start to feel boredom, you are not excited anymore and this is feeling as you are in jail. So, if you feel that you will choke, if you need space or freedom, you are in the way to fall out of love.

The hardest way is to make this decision when terms are impossible. If your partner doesn't feel the same, now you must get out from love circle too. How, when your heart drags you to stay ? Sometimes, we wish to hold our illusion even this is more thin than spider network, because we will tear our dream if we let it go. Sometimes, man of your dream will be so rude or harsh , that he will cut off this dream. "Let me go. I don't want you. " Could this be more clear? 

Sheila passed this process very long time, in phases. She was abandoned by her boyfriend. He already get married with other woman, but she was still standing in one place.

This is her diary.

First phase: Sheila was crying and sitting at home.

Second phase: Sheila was silent and unable to talk with anyone.

Third phase: Sheila dated with few guys. That was disaster.

Fourth phase: Sheila make herself busy with work. She worked overtime.

Fifth phase : Sheila went out with friends and smiled at party, for a first time.

Sixth phase: Sheila met someone. They are dating for a few weeks. She is progressing.

Once when someone captures your heart, it is not easy to cut him off and forget him. You will get well, but with time and during process. Some people will get out from this on easy way, others will work hard. Final result is, you will fall out of love and this is end of your journey.

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