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5 signs how to recognize the addict?

Life on cloud is beautiful in fantasies, but hard in reality. Imagine that you are focused only on one thing, instead of many duties and obligation you should do next day. That one thing is your addiction. Ask yourself, did you ever forget to eat because in your mind was only cigarette? Did you forget to pick up kids from school because you get drunk? Maybe you did not came at date because you were gambling. Even it sounds really bad and irresponsible, these are characteristics of addicts.

I will not talk about medicinal basic because i have no expert knowledge about this. I wish to talk of something i saw and i passed before. 

These are patterns of behavior, when you met with addicts.

Drunk person, gambler,  internet freak and other addicts have many things in common.

Family, parents, job or friends are on the margin. 

These kind of addicts doesn't care for real world, their world is parallel . Day is passing with glasses of wine or another alcohol drink, with wins on the casino or with number of messages on internet pages.

They are sleepless.

Once when you discover secret "cure" for your problems, you will ask for that in any part of the day. Cell phone is under bed, and you need to turn it on, to see is someone send you message. Let's smoke because we can't sleep. Let's eat, something is in the fridge.

They neglect their partners.

You sit with that kind of person in coffee bar and he is typing on cell phone constantly. He stays without money and he don't want to hear to left casino. Any advice is useless.

They cross their limits and risk.

When you are addicted, you will do everything to come and take your medicine. You will run for source. If your source is casino, you will run there in hope to get money. If your source is cyber sex, you will open internet just to see your naked lover. If your source is cigarette, you will spend last money on tobacco. 

They hurt other people, even without intention.

Would you steal other's lover for the sake of own pleasure? Would you steal money to gamble? Would you left from work, just to drink alcohol in coffee bar near? If yes, you are addicted.

Addicts seems as weak persons who doesn't care about reality or tramps. If you think that addicted person is someone in rags, dirty and poor, you are in mislead. They are between us. Your boss is maybe person who is addicted of Xanax. Your colleague can be cyber freak, and your cooperator could be drunk man who hides his addiction successfully. 

Addiction is indeed denial. You refuse to accept that you have problem which should be solved on other way, because solution is not in the bottom of glass. We are all close to that when it happens that life sucks. One or two bad crises, you wish to get drunk , smoke or to send everything into hell.

Lena is smoker. She is doing her work well, but she is under stress. When her boss is unbearable, she is going out to smoke. Day by day, she is smoking more, because every time there is a reason that she must light fire. She is coughing, but her addiction takes over.

When we assemble union with the devil called addiction, we are fooled that everything will look better. Maybe in that moment, when we are drunk or stoned, reality is more pink. Problems are still there and they will not disappear, if we don't face it with them.

When you are in relation with addict, you are with two persons. One is original and you love her. Other person is clone, but evil twin. That person stands between you two, because she is grumpy, moody and ready to destroy everything. You need to set free your love from slavery, because that is only way to get her back.

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