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Do you know when you need to shut up in the relationship?

If you ask men what they hate most, they will tell you about one sentence. "Let's seriously talk about us. " That words are death penalty for them, because behind it are hours of explanations, bad words and tears. If you are in phase to talk about your relation on this way, be sure it will not bring you nothing good. Men are simple, and their actions will speak more than words. If man stands near you, he is here and doesn't go anywhere else. If man is cheating you, he will make all possible excuses to run away from battlefield. Only rare men will accept challenge to explain their actions. 

Ex Croatian national football coach Igor ┼átimac cheated his wife during marriage. When journalists asked him about this, he just said : "So?" That was his explanation and he saved words. If you are not sure in feelings of your beloved, first make a question what brings you into situation that you must play detective with him. 

What women do in questionable situations, when they doubt in infidelity?

Check his sms and mails. 

If you need to control his phone and computer, you are in big trouble.

Talk with his friends to search info about his activities.

Very risky, because his friends will support his back. And they will lie to you.

Make friendship with his mother, sister or secretary at work.

Not so grateful, because if he leaves you, they will be on his side, no matter how they pity for you.

Make threats to his possible lovers.

Not useful, because first you don't know is it true, so you can be considered as mad, and second you give advantage to rival, because you are pissed off already.

Now women will ask, and what to do then, when they can't sleep at night? Here is true story about one guy who wanted too much.

Samuel is entrepreneur. He has firm with 30 workers and he earns nice amount of money. He has wife and two kids. Everything is as in romance novel, pretty wife, adorable kids and successful work. Samuel started to get bored at work. He opened facebook page to make friends and have fun. He was popular there, because of his gentleman approach. He would send messages to his female friends, full of romantic content and close to erotica. Step by step, he involved with few women, because they felt special with him. Samuel was virtual playboy, life was not boring anymore, and he enjoyed with them. He opened camera to make cyber sex with these women. But, one of his women cross limits of control. She started to act like in real relation, she did spam to his wall and mark him as her property. Samuel wanted to have all, his reality and virtual lovers, but his real wife started to doubt at him. Also she wanted to make conversation. "Let's talk seriously about us, what is happening?" Samuel was silent, it was impossible to drag words from his mouth. He was, as he said, busy, tired and not in a mood. Then he deleted his page to get out of this. Now Samuel is again focused at his work and his wife thinks that he was only under stress. She did not insist to talk with him again about this topic.

In women nature is to talk much. Share secrets with confident friends, talk about similar stories and to make courage to each other. Men will talk but shortly. They will tell how they get laid or about some sexy boobs and booties. About feelings, that is their private box. When they feel in trap, they will go away to avoid screaming, crying and too much conversation. Even men don't show feelings to everyone, they know what is important for them. 

Silence is their weapon. They can have mistress, but later they will tell "i don't have idea who is this. " They don't want mess in their life. That is why, balanced women are in advantage. If you are cold as ice, he will ask you what is going on. For sure, he will fight for you if you are important to him. 

Immature guys maybe like chicken fights to increase their ego, but real man will not let women to fight for him. He chose already and that war is not necessary. When man has finger on his mouth, it means he wish to close subject. If you are wise you will follow him in his intention or leave if you can't deal with him anymore.

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