530. Single status - benefit or burden?

If you are single, some people will pity you, others will make jokes and it depends of you how to handle this. Differences between single and taken status are visible in friend circles. Couples will have prejudices about single people, as they are always available and free for others. Single person sometimes feel as black sheep in group of couples, because in coffee bar is always free chair for someone who is not here yet.

If you are single, is this burden or benefit?

Take a look at your list of benefits.

You pay bills alone and you don't share money with anyone.

You are not victim of jealousy.

You can go on striptease bar, beach party and football match without discussion with your better half.

You can flirt around without responsibility that you will hurt someone.

You can make mess in your bedroom and kitchen and nobody will complain that you are untidy.

You can listen music and watch movies accord your taste.

Remote control is yours.

Workplace is area where single people can't feel comfortable because bosses will often dig into privacy of their employers. On other hand, single people will make own attitude to justify their status, and sometimes attack is the best defense. 

Jenny is single, and she  compared herself with her female boss, who was in marriage. Her argument was next:

"She is constantly nervous because of her children and husband. I am happy and i smile because i have peace at my home. I don't care for school problems, for choice of lunch or any such shit, because i can do all what i wish. "

One day Jenny and her boss had conflict. Her boss asked her to work overtime, and Jenny rejected this.

Her boss said: "What kind of reason you have not to stay? You are single, you don't need to take children into kindergarten. "

Jenny replied: " I also have life, more filled than yours. I am member of  book club and my friends are waiting for me. Then i go to the gym. "

Being single is a burden in some situations. 

You wish to go to wedding party but you have no escort.

You want to travel but you afraid to go alone.

You have vacation, but there is no person which you wish to spend it.

You are ill and nobody will visit you at hospital.

Married men want to have you as mistress.

Your friends want to pick partner for you. 

Being single is not social disgrace, but it depends about people who surrounds you. It is not pleasent when all around you are in couples, and you are alone and on the target. Imagine yourself in the middle of attention if you come to visit granny in some village, and you are over 30. "Oh honey, you are old maid. Where is your husband? Are you too picky? Are you lesbian? " 

Some single people will make kick back. They will say :

"I would rather be single than to have stupid wife or husband. I don't envy you. I would not marry such person even if she is last in this Earth. "

You know the best what to do with your status. If you need space, air to breath or some time, you will enjoy as single, to collect your mind. If you are desperate for being single, don't let others to notice that. Searching person because you are lonely is wrong reason for relation. If you date with someone and you say something like this : " I can't stand my loneliness, that is killing me.", this person will afraid and runaway. You are single and happy with yourself, and your possible partner is not your savior. He is your bonus because you can take care of yourself. 

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