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Manners and a fair play in football

Human ego is fragile as flower. Once when something touch it, ego is full of rage and person will make things out of control. If person is connected with any kind of sport, ego should be in background. How many times we saw crazy John Mc'Enroe who throw racket on the ground, or Goran Ivanišević who was swearing? They lost control when their game was not valued, as they thought.

Football is place for various drama. Zinedine Zidan hit italian player Materazzi with his head, Gonzalo Jara put his finger into ass of Cavanni, but in Croatia we also have our gamer for race. His name is Paolo Machado. He is from Portugal, but he plays in Croatian football club Dinamo. I am supporter of Dinamo a long time ago, even this club needs good injection to show some results. In the moment Dinamo is on the way to reach Euro champion League , but they need to change strategy. 

Their coach Zoran Mamić was accused for criminal acts, as corruption and fraud, and he spent 10 days in Croatian jail Remetinec, until someone paid huge bail for him. His brother Zdravko was also with him in prison, and he is vice president of football club Dinamo. They are notorious duo, and people in Croatia don't like them, especially supporters of Dinamo, Bad Blue Boys, so you can often hear from stadium : "Mamić, fucking gay", or "Mamić, Gypsy". As sign of defiance, north side of stadium is empty, there are no supporters, and they appeared only during Croatian derby, football match Dinamo - Hajduk, while brothers Mamić were in prison. 

Yesterday was football match between Norwegian club Molde and croatian club Dinamo. Result was 1:1, Dinamo played fade game, and Norwegian defense was very good. This game will not be remembered, but Paolo Machado will come into football history. In second halftime, coach decided to replace Machado with Marko Rog, perspective young footballer. Machado got whistles from audience , accord opinion of supporters his participation was not enough. He did not  played as they expected, and people were whistling. Machado put his hand on ear, like he did not heard well. After that, he shown middle finger to audience. Referee punished him with red card. Then he shown both hands as sign of rebellion, and went out. After match he was also punished, coach threw him out from first team.

Ok, we all understand frustration and rage when someone is laughing to you, and especially if that is public shame. I would be furious too. But, he is professional footballer, and he must give an example. Lucky, his red card was out of game, but next time he can get red card in game, and Dinamo could play with 10 footballers instead 11, so that would be damage for team. Also, many are furious on brothers Mamić, because they gave bad example with their behavior. Zoran Mamić hit supporter with fist in one football match, and Zdravko is familiar of scandals with his hot temper. 

Dinamo should change coach and vice president, supporters might came back in bigger number, but will things change? Middle finger is not part of football game. If you can't give good score, don't make it worse. Dinamo is already notorious and hooligans already made mess in Luxembourg during match Fola Esch - Dinamo, so Machado is not player who can make good impression. 

Ego or result, now is the question. Better to throw ego out than to show middle finger, because this is not symbol of victory. Middle finger is symbol of defeat, and ego is bad replacement. 

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