543. Jealousy as backup plan

It is hard to get over someone you loved. In every breakup is amount of tears, rage and revenge. Even when we cried all tears, our mind will seek for revenge. How you handle breakup, depends on your maturity. Wise person will walk away and turn head, focus on future and what is next. Insecure people will stay in past, asking what was wrong and how to back in the game. Breakups are various and sometimes broken relation has second chance. Just, person who broke up need to make first step to reunion. 

One of the worst solution to bring back person who left you is jealousy. Simply, to find some idiot who will help you to make ex partner jealous, to go back into the game. Some people do that and this is very selfish act, especially if you did not notify your partner in crime what is all about. Find cute guy to make your ex jealous, but what if that cute guy loves you? You will hurt him as your ex hurt you?

Kelly was in love in Gavin a long time ago. He did not noticed her, he was local playboy, and he dated with many girls. Then Cynthia, his first love, broke his heart on pieces. She found new guy and broke with Gavin. It was knife in back for Gavin, after all, it would be more in his style, just this time Cynthia took an advantage. Then Gavin invited Kelly for date. He wanted pretty girl to come with him at local party, and Kelly fit into this. Kelly was in heaven, she wore the best dress just to be pretty for Gavin, she did not ask for a reason, simply she said yes. They both come to that party, and Gavin kissed Kelly in the moment when Cynthia came with her new boyfriend. Next days were also planned, Gavin invited Kelly at journey for summer vacation, because he knew Cynthia will be there. Kelly did not want to believe her female friends when they warned her. She thought they were jealous. Then, she heard conversation between Cynthia and her boyfriend, in coffee bar:

"I don't know what to do with my ex, he follows me everywhere and he use this poor girl to help him. I don't care about him, but someone should tell her what is going on. He is trash."

Kelly started to cry and she called Gavin to explain her this circus. He denied everything, but Kelly did not want to listen her. She accepted invitation of her friends for party in another city. Gavin only got note on little piece of paper: "I don't want to be your agent anymore. Good luck in stalking your ex. "

When you use this strategy, you should know next things:

Your chosen partner is maybe in love in you. You will hurt his feelings.

Play with open cards. Say you need help, but don't promise what you can't realize.

If your ex doesn't care about you more, you will lose anyway. 

When you sit on two chairs, you might fall on ass. 

Heart is sensitive spot, but for sure is not place for smart decisions. Think cool, if your partner did not appreciate you while you were in relation, why you think you will be appreciated after other show him the way? This other person might feel as fool. What is worse, you will later regret because you lost trust of someone who is worthy. What do you think, when someone loves you so much to accept to be your toy, just for your game? 

Love is warm meal. If you want to eat, eat until is warm. When it gets cold, there is no fire to make it hot again. 

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