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Do you use control buttons?

What makes difference between humans and animals are boundaries inside. We have that kind of trig which blinks in important moment. When we don't wish to feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed, it is necessary to pull the trig. 

Instincts are wild factors and person who follows only instinct will crazy have fun. What happens later? Regret instead of joy, insomnia instead of happy dream. We hurt someone because that trig did not work on time.

Helen was always decent and devoted wife. Then she gone at business trip and met that guy. He was her business partner, so they got drunk and continued their party in hotel room. Her trig was destroyed and also she lost business opportunity. After this, she could not look her boss into eyes and she could not admit to her husband. This secret was buried in deep corner of her sobriety, but every time when she looked herself in the mirror, she wanted to spit on her face. 

We are not equal and some will be born with lack of brakes. Others will be blocked inside, from the day of their birth. Tradition, society, education, parents, all this elements are basic to make good brakes, as arrows in special situations.

What happens in our childhood? You wish to smash face of this guy, because he broke your doll.

Parents: "You should not do this. Policeman will talk with you."

Teachers: "This is not an answer. Revenge is not appropriate. "

Friends ; " You are girl, girls are not here to fight. "

How one control button develops? 

Maybe you got burn and you will not do it anymore. 

Your price was too high.  You lost someone or something because you act accord your instinct.

You could not stand feeling of guilt. This bites you inside , day by day. 

You were caught.

 Jim stole chocolate egg in the market and it was so embarrassing to admit all in public, in front of salesman who saw this. Hilda kissed her colleague and her husband saw this. She was punished by his ignorance whole month. He almost left her. 

Life is excellent answer why people use control buttons. Once when you get responsibility, you must turn this on . 

Imagine, how would this situations work without brakes?

You are boss on important job
Suddenly, you use official car to go on the party and get drunk. As one Croatian politician, who drunk too much while he was on duty.

You are married. 
Will you still flirt around? Will you meet with other people while your partner is at journey, job or in visit of his parents?

You are parent. 
Now you have kids, and you will still do what your naughty demons inside of you wish to do?

Life is eternal battle between heart, mind and basic instincts. If you are wise, your Libra will work always on time. How high price you will pay, it depends of you. Will you sacrifice something for the sake of your new life?

My ex colleague at work had big problem with alcohol. He got the last warning and he almost got fired. Then he decided to go on medical treatment. Today, he is one of the bosses. He had this strong will and discipline to say no. His danger vice is destroyed, because he wanted to be a boss. Sometimes, his eyes catch glasses of wine in restaurant, but it is far from his sight, because he wants this. 

Feeling of pleasure is sweet thing. Small flirt, hot night and forbidden sex. Stolen chocolate. Night in casino where you spent all money you had. Empty bottles of beer or vodka on the party. Next days are full of decisions and overthinking. 

When you pull your trig, dignity will follow you. Others will respect you because of your control. They should not know what you did before, what you were, because people can't wait to see someone with mistakes, or to watch big fall. What was the reason? You did not pull the trig. 
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