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The story about a fake hero and a lion

Lion is for me symbol of power, danger and beauty. When american dentist Walter Palmer killed famous lion Cecil, i felt sadness. This 13 year old animal was dying 40 hours, and illegal hunter, ex sexual abuser , so called dentist Palmer made photo with his trophy, to brag about masculinity. It was toast to his fragile, insecure ego and confirm that he is a man.

This story made me thinking about some primitive men these days, who still live in stone age, and think that real evidence of masculinity is killing, beating women and having sex with any girl who pass in their life. There is a confusion between truth about real man and vision of macho type, who exist only in cartoon or action movies. 

In high school, male circle could be very cruel. They will ask proof of masculinity and if boy doesn't accept this, everyone will laugh to him. The price is, damage yourself, damage girl you love if you need, but be a man. 

I remember guy from my high school who said : "I will drink and smoke on the prom because everyone do this. Also i need to fuck something. Or they will gossip me, that i am a pussy. "

In this case, conformism is condition to develop real man, and real answer should be this: 
"I will drink if i wish to taste alcohol , i will smoke if i feel pleasure from this, and i will make love with girl i really like, because it makes me sick to fuck someone when i can't feel nothing. "

Does Walter fall under influence of society of he is just born as natural jerk? He already killed bear and pose with his corpse, then he did sexual harassment to prove his man power, so poor Cecil was his chance to show the world : i am the man. I wonder how he reacted when he got thousand threats from people for his life, did he said to haters that they can come and get him? Certainly i doubt. When someone kills lion who is national property in national park, protected as treasure, that is not a victory. That is coward act and illegal. Like in high school, when guys beat poor girl who can't defend herself alone. If Walter could save tiger from the trap, if he could risk his life to save someone by donating his kidney, that would be act of real man and hero. 

What makes difference between real man and macho jerk?

Real man:

Never talk bad about ex girlfriends and other girls. If he doesn't like them, he will be silent.

Never beat woman . If he is in conflict, he will walk away from her.

Never use girl as toy. He will say no if he is a gentleman.

Never cheat his woman even if sexy girl offers sex to him. 

He knows fight skills, but he doesn't abuse this.

He will save life of cat, dog or other animal.

Macho jerk:

He cheats his women with other women.

He slap his woman if she annoys him or even for less.

He use every opportunity to have sex with every women.

He provoke fights everywhere, because he enjoys in manifestations of ego.

He kills innocent animals as trophies. 

Walter is maybe surprised because people hate him, but it was obvious after all. Some will say, that was just lion, that was just animal, but person who can kill animal in such cruel way is not far away from real murderer. Next time it could be person who would say something against him. After all, he would do everything to be a hero. 

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