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Mateo and a woman with mustaches

Every footballer has a dream about playing in the big club as Real, Barcelona or Manchester United. Many of them never realize that dreams,  but Croatian footballer Mateo Kovačić did it. He is now playing for Real Madrid even he is only 21 years old. As every successful, young, handsome and talented footballer, Mateo is on the target of the public. Who would believe in this, because that modest, religious guy who is 5 year in romantic relation with beautiful girlfriend Isabela was role model for teenagers.

Mateo got some haters because of two things:

He kissed emblem of Real Madrid.

He said that his woman needs to cook and that he is the one who will earn money for decent life.

Croatian supporters attacked Mateo cause they think he should kiss only national emblem, not Spanish symbol. They considered this as treason. Well, I disagree with this. Imagine that your dream became true and you are so fascinated that you want to jump from joy? Mateo probably felt gratitude in this moment so he kissed emblem , as he felt in his heart. Also , he wanted to show respect. He did not burn Croatian flag, he just showed his nice manners in another country. Is it nicer when supporters make mess on stadiums, as it was in Milano, in football match Croatia against Italy, when the whole world saw hooligans?

Another thing, feminists attacked Mateo that he lives in the stone age. Omg, his woman must cook, how he could say this? I don't know why is the crime if Mateo wants a woman who will cook for him. If she will be his wife, why she could not cook? Imagine that Mateo is playing an important match with Barcelona and he should make his lunch or dinner alone, until his wife will paint her nails? Sound awkward, isn't it? Evil tongues forgot that he will earn big money. So, it would be better that his girlfriend is working in a factory or as a cashier, to come home tired from work, because she needs to earn own money? It is not always a solution that woman must necessary work. 

Maybe she is more useful as his support, housewife at home. These days I read about a girl who is dating with footballer of Manchester United. She works as a saleslady, and he earn big money. Maybe is modesty good value for her, but she is not so smart. At least, he could help her to find a better job. People who never experienced mobbing, abusing at work and small salary can't know how is hard to work on workplace which makes you frustrations. If you must wait for the nervous and frustrated boss to sign your documents at the office and correct mistakes which never existed, if you must hang out with idiotic clients and listen to their threats, or if the man who is your colleague wants to drag you into bed, that is really humiliation. 

That is much worse than a woman who cooks lunch for his husband and clean house. Besides, footballer's wife , so called wags, have so much possibilities. They can go on social events and promote their country or help their husbands to donate money in causes. That is also kind of work, and useful. 

If i say that i work 12 years and that i would change for the life of wags, many would judge me that i am lazy. Yes, i despite extreme feminism, i shave legs, and i don't want to drive truck. What a disaster! I know to cook also and if i cook lunch for my husband who came from the business journey, it doesn't mean that i am his slave. 

Mateo is a young guy who is now subject of judgments, but he bravely goes against the crowd. He could say that he cooks as Jamie Oliver and everyone would support him. Well, he said what he thinks. In the 18th century,  people would clap their hands for this words, but now he comes into modern society, where is more acceptable that woman has mustaches or change gender, than cooking. Maybe he disappointed some supporters and some women, but the guy with honest attitude is more valuable than a family man who kiss his wife in publicity and then make sex with the mistress in a hotel. 
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