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Male pigs - theory of frustrated women

I never liked people who change their attitude like socks. Depends on situation, new trends or something third, attitude of such people will modify in something more cool or acceptable. Another reason is, they just wish to update others by their wishes, and offer themselves as the best example. 

When some women change marital status, they act like preachers. If they get marry, others will be shit, unworthy of any chance. If they get divorce, others will be old fashioned, totally out and dependable on men. That is typical attitude for woman who changes skin as snake, and who seeks for understanding and attention, because she can't deal with situation alone.

Rebecca is passing hard divorce. She was married for a years, she has daughter, and husband cheated her. Even everyone knew that Rebecca adored her husband, now her words are full of bitterness. She provoked young colleague at work who recently got married. "Wow, you still believe in this institution. You are romantic fool. " Everybody remember how Rebecca talked about her husband until all was perfect. Every her sentence started and finished with him. "My husband this. My husband that. He is so cool and so smart. Why you are still single, you need a man. " Now she uses words as male pigs and spoiled jerks. 

I noticed new wave of women in my generation. They got married in twenties and now they are divorced. The same always asked me about my status while i was single and they were surprised what i am waiting for. Now i see all these women on social networks, they hide their marital status as snake her legs, and they put old photographs to pull some attention. Now i see their covered wrinkles under makeup and hanging breasts on photos, how they try to impress younger guys. Where are husband now, where they hide them? Some of them are divorced and they back in the game. Others are getting bored in their marriages. Now, they have different philosophy. 

"It is so hard to be in marriage. The same guy, who is always in front of television. He has fat belly , he is not handsome as before. I can't make love with him. I want something fresh. Oh, never get rush in marriage. I gave him my best years and look at me now. "

Does it mean, is it wrong to get marry young? When you give all your life in early twenties to one person, later you might regret. All your peers who are having fun are in some music festivals, and you are at home with baby in your arms and mother behind your back, who advises you how to bake a cake. Will you be bitter woman as Rebecca? Or you will think that you are doing something really cool if you sign papers for divorce? Will you keep this for yourself or invite other women to follow your example?

It is true, that woman who get marry in elder years will have more experience. She is more mature and more tired of everything. She is not thirsty of adventures. She knows to appreciate her partner more than young girl.  Maybe you were aware how serious marriage is, even you were young. This will show with years. If you appreciate your husband, you will put status on social networks that everyone knows about you. You will not hide under fake photos or your photos from prom night. Also, you will not flirt with young guys who can be your sons. 

I understand that some women want to get back into age of their youth, when they were desirable chicks, and men were crazy about them. Husband might doesn't show interests anymore. Well, if you think that young guy on internet will replace your husband, you are wrong. They ask some fun, pleasure and games, and you will be victim again, but this time your bill will be expensive. Disgrace, shame and bad reputation are only intro into divorce. 

Does it really matters to be in kind of twisted trend? Women who are disappointed will try to spread anti men virus, but it helps to nobody. 

Why you can't lose your faith in men, even after they hurt you?

You will not recognize good guy if you talk bad about all men.

Good guy will not recognize you because you are always grumpy. 

Good guy will run out from woman who want to crucify all men, for the sake of feminism.

You will ruin good relationship because you can't forget old wounds.

The important fact is, life is full of failures. Men will probably cheat you, hurt you or make you disappointed. Also, men will make you happy, desirable and beautiful. That is balance between marriage and divorce, between taken and single, and you decide which path will prevail. After you make your decision, don't preach to others what is the best for them. Don't say that you are so cool cause you are getting divorce. Or that you are so smart because you decided to get marry. Broad statements are dangerous because they limit our options. For sure, we don't have to justify why we choose somebody, we will live with that person. At the end, if you don't pay my bills or i don't sleep with you, who are you to tell me what to do with my life?
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