550. 7 threats in your love socket

Once upon a long time ago beautiful girl got married for handsome and rich prince charming. They lived in fairy tale with adorable kids. Princess was always beautiful with gorgeous smile, and prince could not take eyes from her, so he never noticed another women. If you read cheap romantic novels as teenage girl, it could be shortcut. 

In reality, marriage is bond between two people and many obstacles. Only the strongest and honest survive. Marriage will not last forever because she is beautiful woman with gorgeous smile or because he is blindly crushed in her. Let's imagine one circle, with these two people. They live in harmony, but surrounded by demons. Marriage is exposed to threats and you can lose partner if you don't use two powerful weapons : control and patience. 

When you wake up in bed and your sleepy partner is near you, you are not alone. Around you are demons, ready to make mess in your love socket. Bad big wolves and little naive girl  are in the action. Will you be clever Red Riding Hood?

Every marriage will face it with these demons:


You will ask, how food could cause problems in your marriage? Simply, if you are constantly hungry and your appetite is huge, you will get fat. 10, 15 or 20 pounds too much, and your sexual life will be under question. Then partner might watch another woman. There is a joke about difference between mistress and wife. Difference is, 20 kilograms. 

2. Money debts.

You wishes and aims were too big. Now you have two flats or two expensive cars, but also you are owner of money debts. Who is the culprit? It was nice to spend, but it is more difficult to return.

3. Flirt zone.

When you are married, other attractive people are forbidden to you. Watch but not touch. Talk but not get close. If you step into flirt zone, you might lose your partner.

4. Intervenors. His mother, your mother, relatives, friends.

Maybe others know what is the best for you too? Alert, too much people in one marriage are crowd. You will lose your focus, and partner might feel damaged. 

5. Alcohol, gamble, drugs and other vices.

Addictions might ruin every marriage. Drunk partner, gambler who spent all salary, wife who take pills or drugs. It was interesting to date with gambler or drunk lady, excitement was around you, but in marriage is different situation. Husband who can't get up from bed because he got drunk last night. Wife who can't cook lunch because her after party headache is unbearable. 

6. Internet.

How many marriages failed because of Facebook, Skype or other magical sites? Handsome virtual stranger might cause mess in your marriage. If you chat all day and your partner is hungry, or his laundry is dirty, who will blame him if he is frustrated with such marriage?

7. Night clubs.

Sometimes you wish to forget dirty dishes and go out. Your husband also wish to get out and not to think about unpaid bills. But, if night clubs are your new home, and you did not talk with your partner about this, crises is on the door. 

Fairy tales had happened in old times, without internet and night clubs, so maybe magic couple from the beginning of this story had easier task. New age is one big demon with candies. Go, take , why to sacrifice yourself for marriage? Sacrifice is painful, but worthy. If you wish to save good marriage, you need invisible gun to kill all demons, day by day. Your partner is your reward, and it depends from you do you wish to be winner in this race. 
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