553. Drunk in love

Any choice you make, do it sober. When you pick partner during one drunk night, dawn will be painful. Imagine lights in night club, or walking in the beach under influence of alcohol, he whispers you sweet words into your ears, and you are hypnotized by liquor from your glass. If he is handsome, he will be magic man. If he is ugly, he will be handsome. Your mind will give wrong judgment , just because you are drunk.
Alan met Celia in the club, when he was sad and drunk. They were kissing, but other day he noticed her small mustaches . He was shocked, i mean woman with hairy mouth? He made excuse not to see her again. This kind of examples are mirror of wrong perception and twisted mind. 

Helen had other kind of story. She was in the car with Gary and she was drinking whisky and cola, to relax before sex. When she was already half naked, she felt pressure at bladder. "Oh i need to pee. " She was running half naked between cars to find her place for toilet. And it happened 5 times so Gary gave up. Later he talked that he never saw such drunk girl as Helen was.

What will go wrong, when you wish to have sex drunk?

Your resistance is smaller. 

If that was not idea while you were sober, now it will be perfect solution.

You re more open minded. 

Maybe you are shy girl, but now you are ready to move limits.

Your control doesn't work out.

So, you don't worry about protection and possible pregnancy. Let God helps you, that is your thinking.

You are more sensitive , even obsessive.

What you said to him while you were drunk? Maybe you gave kinky confession. Maybe you said "i love you" and you wanted to wait with this.

Your memory is erased.

Wake up next morning in the bed with total stranger or with someone you did not like. Awful feeling. 

Some girls make basic mistakes to drink in intention to impress guys. Oh, i will be more cool, brave or more sexy. That is wrong. He doesn't expect fatal seductress as in movies, he wants natural girl. With alcohol, you are more spontaneous, but also aggressive, clumsy and with distorted balance. 

What kind of impression you wish to give? 

Do you want to wake up with eye bags, bad breath and nuisance ? Then, few weeks later, you wish to look at your calendar and try to remember date when this happens because your period skipped regular days?

One more thing, drunk girl is the most easier target. When guy saw drunk girl who is dancing, his eyes will see opportunity. He doesn't need much efforts to win trophy. The problem is, girl will not cooperate much because she doesn't know what is happening.

If you make love drunk, this is blur movie. Just much clothes around and spinning room. All what you will remember is big headache after.

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