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7 bad habits at a workplace

When you hold key to your privacy, lock the door. In these modern times, when "Big Brother" and bunch of reality shows rape our privacy, real art is how to hide your intimacy from unwanted trespass. One of the most dangerous areas is in the workplace. Have you ever experienced, that you bring your job into the home and your private life at work? Maybe you are not aware of this, but if your colleagues became your therapists and your boss your shrink, you are already there.

Job interview starts with a question about your marital status, but employees will ask do you have kids, or are you planning a family. This is already red area, and you are not obligated to talk about your future plans. Private firms will try to expand their views about you if you are the serious candidate. You are a woman, and you might have plans about kids for one year? They wish to know, how much you will be present and focused at work. I understand them, but the person is on the way to turn into a robot. Official phones, laptops, and tablets for work at home, boss obsessed with work, and you are in a trap. Your privacy died without announcement.

I was witnessing what kind of things people do at the office, during years. 

That habits should stay at home.

The woman is washing teeth in office sink, while others are waiting in line.

The woman is washing plate, she uses the toilet as a dishwasher.

Man is eating smelly sausage for lunch, on the office desk.

The woman is on the phone. She talks loud with her gynecologist, about her daughter who is virgin.

The woman made a little garden on the floor. These vegetables grow in the office.

The man put a photo of his favorite politician leader, on the office wall. 

Woman hides a bottle of vodka in wardrobe. 

A story about Ingrid was on the top in official circles. Her dog was very sick. He had surgery and his days were counted. Ingrid did not want to take free days, but she was walking around and crying. She could not talk with clients and about a month she was unusable. 

Bosses could be busybodies, but you can limit their access to your privacy.

When your phone is ringing, and they ask who is, it is your personal thing if you use a private cell phone.

If you get fat and boss ask are you pregnant, that is not a suitable question.

What you do out of your workplace is your business.

Your personality should be separated from your work. If boss dislikes you, and your results are good, the boss should not discriminate you.

Another side of this story is a situation when you bring work at home. Your poor partner for sure listen to your problems, maybe you have a such headache which prevents you to make love with him or to relax on anyway. Some bosses abuse privacy and call you at your private number. If you are on vacation, this could be especially annoying. You are in the sea, and some jerk wants something urgent. My ex-colleague had a habit to hide phone under a rock and to "lose" signal. 

Social networks are also burglars in privacy and booby trap for your professional life.

What is not recommended to write at social networks?

Name of your workplace.

Name of your boss.

Photos with your colleagues during the party, especially if you get drunk.

Details about your business project. In some cases, you will sign a statement about confidence, and if you break this, you will get fired.

The toxic atmosphere appears when you mix private and professional ingredients into one cake. When you cry at work and talk with your clients from home, something is mixed. Draw your line. Also, colleagues are not interested to hear how much times your husband farted and what your kid had for homework. If you want to forward your duties to others, because your kids are naughty at home and you can't control them, nobody will like you.  While you are at work, don't cook, wash or drink as you are at home. Some private firms have rules to forbid even water at office desk, and if you want to smoke you have chip card for click on an automatic machine. Your minutes for smoking will count into your salary. 

Once when you lock your office door, the world is yours. Maybe some people have no life outside of work so they enjoy sharing all details at work. For your privacy is better than people know less about you. At least, they will not have many details in possible conflicts. 

When Lydia notified colleagues about her wedding, everyone waited that day. In the end, her fiance abandoned her. It was a disgrace for her, she could not keep mouth closed. She was the victim of mocking and gossips for few months. All because she did not lock her secrets in the safe box. 

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