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Why is so interesting to involve in forbidden relations?

Say, someone, that something is forbidden and you will wake up his curiosity. When movie "Nymphomaniac 1" came in cinema, it was not recommended for minors. But, despite alert, teenagers watched that movie, even it was forbidden in Turkey and marked as out of moral. The same thing is with love relations. Try to make some fence between two people who wish to be together, and they will do everything to break this.

In 15 century Romeo and Juliette were young people in love. She was 17, he was 15, and their families were enemies. Circumstances were against their love and Juliette drink poison to die, rather than to be separated from Romeo. Juliette woke up because poison was not enough effective, and saw dead Romeo who made suicide because he thought that his sweetheart is dead. After saw his dead body, Juliette stabbed herself with a knife and died.

In 21 century things are different. Teenagers use aggression to get what they want, and it is not the rare case that teenager is able to kill parents. Lisa Borch, 15 years old teenage girl from Danemark fall in love in Bahtiar, the young asylee from Iraq. Her mother was against relation with Bahtiar, so Lisa decided to eliminate her. She stabbed her with a knife many times, accord deal with Bahtiar. Even they changed their story, the court made a verdict, Lisa will be in prison 9 years, and Bahtiar got a penalty, 13 years of prison and deportation from Danemark. 

Love is a collection of sparks. Too much love could kill you or someone. Teenage mind is a creation in progress, so it is possible to make an influence on it. You can shape teenage mind with your beliefs. Lisa believed that her mother is an obstacle to her happiness. I wonder, did they talk before this tragedy, or mother just made orders? It is not easy to make demands in the age of new technology. You can order your daughter to stop seeing the bad guy, but she will contact him on the internet. Cut your wires so she will go on the tablet to write to him. She can go to a library to send him a message. There are a million options how to play against rules, so parents should be patient and wiser. 

One of the ways to make your authority is to listen to your teenage kids, what they have to say. Jasmine never listened to her parents, and her stubborn character was an awful thing. One day she escaped for a home to sleep in his flat. Her mother was worried, but she did not call her at all. When Jasmine saw his flat in mess and his mother who was a clean lady and woke up on Sunday to work, she chilled out. She did not like this guy after she saw his life, his friends and family. Jasmine broke up with him, and her parents did say nothing to her, to separate them. They knew, their daughter likes luxury, so she will give up from the loser who has no job and money. 

Some parents used to react in panic and fear. Oops, who is this guy, he will ruin my daughter. Who is this drunk teenage girl, she will spoil my son. Teenagers love to think that they are able to live own life. They will hardly listen advice. Sometimes, they will rather listen aunt or granny, than their mother. So they think aggression is the solution. Escape from home or from school. Life with your hot love. Even early marriage and pregnancy. Lisa decided for a death penalty, and her life is ruined. Bahtiar claims he had no connection with her plans, that she notified him when all was done. 

Teenage love is feeling in a cradle. Something was born, suddenly and this relation has no direction. Where we are going? If you have parents who are raised in traditional rules, who have stereotypes about races and religions, even worse. In this case, friends with more experience would be very helpful. Someone who passed pains of teenage love and who is grateful now. Also, someone who had understanding of love pain. Once, when police became the actor in love story, this is too late. This love story is sealed with a blood, not with a kiss.
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