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5 signs that you entered in a hot zone

Guys will easy slip in their attempts to go with attractive woman in bed. Some signs are wrongly translated and clumsy guy could stay in trap. She said that i am handsome and she kissed me, but when i wanted the main part, she suddenly back off. How is it possible? That are differences between genders, because women will not express their desires to make love so simply, as men. During centuries women were punished because they were too open and too easy. Even these days, in some countries woman is guilty for being raped, because he dare to challenge men with her clothes. All that stereotypes are deep buried in mind of every woman, so in the moment when woman wish to make love, her intentions will be mysterious. Experienced guy will read this signs, but what is with others?

Colin described his experience. Patricia was woman of his dreams, and they were hanging out all the time. They hold their hands , kissed each other in cheek and shared secret. It was summer when Colin tried more, to take off her swimsuit during swimming at river. She was terrified and slapped him. Their friendship was under doubt and it took long time to back in normal, so Colin got lesson. Patricia had no sexual interest for him. 

Flirting is hunting. Two genders has two different aims. Men wish to get sex as soon it is possible, and women wish to get access to relation. Women wish to hold keys of men privacy, his trust and confidence. When woman mistakes in reading of men signs, she will get only short adventure without statement of love. She can get short sex and goodbye. When man mistakes, he will stay short sleeves, out of bedroom. 

If men can't recognize their opportunity, here are signs that woman is ready for intimacy:

She will not deny hot kisses, even in publicity.

She will laugh at your hot jokes about sex.

She will wear sexy clothes, high heels and short skirt, and her makeup will be spectacular.

She will talk about her love experience and about what she likes.

She will talk with her friends that she wants to do "next step".

Less talk means more actions. This moment when woman invite you in shopping to choose her autumn collection, when she asks you about her haircut or to help her with exam, you are friend zoned. When woman wants to make love with man, she is too nervous and too tense to ask him for brotherly help. If she talks and joke about other guys with you, it means she is not into you. 

Why women many times don't talk clear that they are hot or ready?

They afraid of laughing and judgement.

They afraid to lose self esteem.

They afraid of competition, who will label them as easy. 

When woman speaks in puzzles, she is proud. She is not sure that she is enough attractive for her partner, so she wish to be safe. We need sentence to get out from possible shame. If you say " you are cute and dear" is much better than "i wish to drag you into my bed", because any guy can be dear as friend or brother. 

Women have habits to gossip each other. It is not rare that woman will say " she is whore" for other woman. So, unwrapped desires are more acceptable. Also, here is always fear from kind of traitors. 

David talked about "easy woman" who offered him sex. "She started to take off her clothes. I said her to get dress again. " David was not mature man, otherwise he would keep it for himself. Poor girl was subject of jokes. 

Unwrapped female intentions are very transparent for other women. 

Wife will easy find out strategy of mistress. Men are sometimes blind and they can't see when colleague at work try to seduce them. Even female ways are headache for men, at the end is more interesting to drag in bed woman who is hard. She will fight, complain and argue, but in some moment her clothes will be on the floor and job is done. 

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