565. Pure past is not guarantee for devotion

The day we found our perfect match was not day when we were born. That means, we care baggage in our relation, a bag full of past experiences. Mature partner will accept our past as it is, without judgments. He will ask questions, but after some time, it will all be forgotten. Happy couple will now make steps forward into better future.

Unfortunately, not all men are mature. Some men are insecure, rigid or just too selfish to accept fact that they were not first lovers. 

When man start to judge woman accord her past, it doesn't talk much about her. It talks about him and his attitude.

What kind of facts such man said about himself?

He is immature. 

He has double standards.

He is afraid of public pressure.  What will his friends say about that woman? What will his parents say?

He can't accept woman as she is . She must change, just for him, to be clean and pure.

He is naive. If woman was virgin or just with one lover, it doesn't mean she will not cheat. Pure past is not guarantee for devotion.

I talk about facts, that every woman deserves a chance. If you really wish to judge something then value person accord her present. Does she cheats you now? Does she lies to you? Does she pretend that she is something else, than she really is? In that case, she would deserve to be judged. But, if she is honest, faithful and she plays fair, in this case man is idiot. He is the one who lives in past, not her. If she is ready to forget past, why to stop her to do it?

Some men live in big misleads. They think, if woman was single in the past,  she will be good wife because she is pure. That is illness of ego, because man wished to be the first man from the moment she has became woman. How to compete with men behind him? Maybe her ex lovers had better abilities as lovers, maybe they were richer, more handsome or more successful?

The worst competition in your relation is invisible one. If you are obsessed with some men from past, you have no chance to win in this game with that kind of attitude. Insecure man forgot important fact in this story, that ex lover is ghost from the past. You won that woman, not he. In this case, such man chose to be part of the past, instead to participate in future plans.

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