568. Asexuality - story about guy who can't fall in love

Did you ever imagine world without sex? Did you imagine world without love and romance, touch and kiss, fast heartbeats? 1% people are asexual and they live in exactly this world, protected from love troubles and tears, but also without flame and passion for soul. 
Asexuality is the lack of social attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in sexual activity. 

There are 4 types:

Person is not interested for romance, but person owes sexual instinct.

Person is not interested for sex, but person feels romantic attraction.

Person feels both, but not connected to each other.

Person feels nothing of that.

Also, there are differences, person could be born asexual or this is result of some past trauma. I see asexual person as transparent angel who will vanish if you touch him.  On some way i admire to asexual people , on other hand i pity of them.

Once i was jealous on my neighbor X who is asexual person. He was spared of broken heart. In that time, when i was very unhappy, when i passed through five breakups, i wished that i had no heart. Simply, if i could sell my emotions then for something practical to get rich, i would sign deal with the devil. So, while i was crying and waiting my ex who was cheating me, my neighbor was happy as usual. He would woke up and drive his car, enjoy in his job and reading many books. He would discuss with all of us and smile how we are just ordinary animals addicted to something dirty as sex. First we all thought that he is gay. But, he never shown any aspirations toward men. Also, while other guys commented women with good legs and big breasts, he found it very cheap. He liked Britney Spears, but in a way like kid loves his toys. He was clean and pure as blonde angel, and the day Britney failed in depression and made scandals was the day of her end in his fantasies. So, X is today unmarried, he lives in big, very tidy flat and he alone washes dishes and clean and cook. Every woman in my city wanted to date with him before 10 years, because he was handsome and ambitious. Today, also he can get many woman, but he is not interested. He respects women, but he doesn't show any intentions to kiss or hug any woman, to call her on date. Simply, he thinks that his life is enough beautiful without partners. Neither women, neither men.

He did not change, but i changed my opinion. Even his world looks very safe, i would not be happy there. I was stupid and my behavior was sometimes on the boundaries of insanity. I was begging for love, i was abandoned and broken. But this made me what i am now. Also, all that unhappy love stories had bright side, that i threw out all my emotions. I was happy after tears and calm after anger. Today, i can love pure and i love my partner without chains, without doubts. I see sometimes X and he is the same cool guy, ready to talk with every girl , but never in the clouds of love. Sometimes me and my partner talk with X, and we still can't believe that women are around him, but he doesn't show reactions. 

We are still not sure, does he belong to this 1% population who is asexual? Or he is hidden gay? Or he is silent lover who hides his mistresses? Maybe he will die with his secret and bring it into his grave, or he will find enough patient woman to change him. One thing is sure, his face is always cool and happy , as he won in lottery just this moment.
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