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Are you a mate poacher?

Did you lurk someone who is taken? Or someone lurked your partner, even that person knew that he is taken? Mate poaching is developed strategy how to make distance between two person in relation and to sit in other's place, with time. Imagine that you want to sit in VIP seats in cinema, but they are booked. So you can start fight that you reserved the same number and if you are enough aggressive maybe you win this seats. Similar thing happens with mate poaching, try to push other person in intention to get her partner. 

When relation got tempted, it depends on partners how strong is their love. It doesn't make difference is your opponent more rich, smarter or more attractive. The point is, how many holes exist in your relation. 

Why mate poaching is not rarity? Why to chase person who is already taken?

There are few reasons.

Person who is taken looks happy . Happiness attract people, and some of them think, i could be happy with her because she has ability to cherish relation.

Person who is taken has experience. It is hard to make new start, so if you sleep with virgin, that is much harder than with someone who is already experienced. 

Person who is taken is popular. It is like a brand of new clothes, which everyone wants to wear. 

Person who is taken is safe target. So, if it works with his partner, why not with you also?

I had experience with mate poaching. When i start to date with my husband, he had good friend. That woman  Y was his class mate and at first sight i did not doubt that she has bad intention. But, when number of messages on his phone start to rise, i realized that she ask any excuses to talk with him. She was careful so she commented my pictures as "nice girl", because she wanted to get some points by his side. In the same time, i was very nervous. Her messages became part of our day. We were eating, and his cell phone was ringing. Y passed hard exam so she wanted to share this with him. Y had good meal so she sent him message to notify him. Then we started to argue. I was nagging and he called me jealous. I could not persuade him that she is disturbing us. Then i changed strategy and waited her mistakes. I was silent but my face was grumpy all the time. He saw that i am unhappy and he said that he will say to her to stop. That happened, he called her and said on polite way that her behavior is not right, that i am angry, and he did not wish to see me upset. She started to back up, and her last sentence was " i did not mean nothing bad really. " We never saw that women after this . Probably she is busy to chase another man who is taken.

Did you experienced situation when more girls want the same guy? This moment when fatal guy comes into night club with his girlfriend and other girls drool for him. They wish to sabotage his relation, even hundred other guys wait for soulmate, even they are single. 

If you are mate poacher, have this on your mind:

Sometimes, it can work out. But only if you involve between couple who would break up anyway. You will just put final nail in their coffin.

You can be target of revenge. If you wish to poach, another side will not sit and wait how you are stealing her partner. You can get embarrassed or even physically hurt.

Your target can reject you. If man is taken and if he is smart too, he will say NO. 

Friends and relatives of your competitor could hate you. It is not good when crowd turns against you. Egg in face is just a little part of this show. 

If person is married, you can fall into legal hole , as participant in their divorce. 

Your inner peace will be ruined. 

My ex friend was poaching taken man. He was in marriage and she was calling him on phone. When his mother in law found this out, she called her on her workplace. Soon all her workmates knew how she tries to break marriage. She was subject of gossips few months.

Relation with single person is piece of cake. There are two of you and nobody stand between. When you want relation with person who is taken , you have ticket for  trouble. If he isn't decide yet, maybe he sits on two chairs, and you will suffer with his decisions. Why not to have both? That is quote of some men. Mate poacher is animal without protection, and when hunting season begins, all kind of weapons are allowed. Don't get surprise if you get out with wounds.

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