571. Distorted fantasy

Our illusions cost us more than we think. It is hard to make compromise with something what is in our mind and real image. Connection between fantasy and reality is not always good, sometimes our mind is influenced with powerful deceptions. Modern technology is real master in deceiving our eyes so our perception is distorted, especially if we like person on photographs. We wish to believe that nobody is so cruel to play games with our hearts.

These days many young guys will push their luck to find soulmate on internet. What will attract young guy at first? Lovely woman on photo, profile full of shining pictures, kindness and sweetness. This kind of woman is virtual angel and realization of stories about princesses. So, if women were fooled by lies about money, social status, employment, muscles and cars, they are also not innocent angels. Maybe men fooled some women on internet, but women are champions in visual deceptions.

What to recommend guy who falls in love in internet? How to make him more careful?

These kind of profiles are probably fake :

Woman who post only one profile photo, by years. She has excuses that she did not made new photos or that her camera broke.

Woman with avatars . Nobody saw her real photo.

Woman with old photos, from the time of her youth. She was chick then, but now, 10 years later?

Woman who shows only face. Maybe is fat or she hides something what is not for publicity?

Woman who uses profile of famous persons. No, she is not Rihanna. 

Woman who never take off her makeup. She is perfect with her lipstick and mascara, but did you see her natural look?

I remember my friend from internet who was obsessed with Brazilian woman Luciana. She had photos of model and she claimed that photos are hers. Then he managed to hear her voice. His fantasies vanished when she heard granny's voice. She continued with her lies, since one day, when somebody revealed her real album. She was middle age woman, not pretty at all. But she had power to make others to live fantasy with her. Her sweet words , tender song on her page and photos of children (so called her little daughter) were marvelous. Everyone felt attached by sexy single mother, until the day when her female friend discovered who is Brazilian model, at you.tube. 

As much woman could be fooled by heroes, men will be fooled by beautiful, fragile princess. Woman who never fight and just smile. Woman with sugar words who cook perfect lunch and sing in the garden. That is far from reality, but enough good to make start of someone's dream.

My friend was so disappointed by his discovery. He said that he will close his account because he feels as idiot. As much woman turned him off in real world, at least he saw their faces. Here, he was fooled by woman with fake identity. The same woman as in his neighborhood, the same he might gossiped in real life, because she was ugly. So, here we have paradox, man who will not invite on date average girl next door because she is not bombshell , but he will be fooled by fake profile.

How to protect you from such tricks?

Before you get close, check your woman on camera.

Meet with her in reality.

If she delay to show her face, tell her you don't have time for stupidity.

Ask her friends about details. Maybe someone knows her.

Sometimes, people don't want to get rid of their fantasies, even they know real version of story. When reality is so ugly, they escape in their fantasy. They ask comfort because there is exit. Sweet words are much for unhappy guy who can't find real girlfriend. Warm smile is medicine for broken soul. 

Nobody can built safe relation just on fantasies. Our imagination is here to make a break. This is short halftime, and after this we must open our eyes and back to reality. Bills, taxes and daily obligations are our world. Your wife is maybe tired, with bags under eyes because she was ironing whole afternoon, but at least you know her in all editions. Even the biggest dreamer must confess that virtual woman can't cook him lunch or wash his laundry, no matter how sweet are her words and how soft is her smile. 

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