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Why office work sucks?

One day at work last 8 hours. Trend in European union is working week with smaller number of hours, and there are differences. 35 hours working week in France against 39.3 hours of working week in Croatia makes difference. 30 hours at week in Netherlands sounds as fairy tale for tired people. Industrial revolution invented this kind of torching even that is not in harmony with human's emotions and body structure. Why? 

Humans are not robots. Life will not stand because you are working and you can't go out from your workplace. Wake up early with terrible sound of alarm, be careful with closed eyes in traffic, walk through crowd and go at your workplace to listen new orders. If you were robot, all emotions would have button off, and when you have important task , this button would be eliminated temporary. 

Unfortunately, this program is different in human structure, so next things are happening at work:

Women get periods. Bleeding slows working process. This two days at month woman should not work. 

People at work mostly eat on business restaurants. If you succeed to grab your food in lunch pause, still you are not safe. This meal could be problem for your digestion. Spend half hour on toilet and you are out of work.

People late at work and their focus is lower. Every day someone die in traffic.

Emotional stress can ruin your working day. 
One call that someone is not well. Someone dear to you got into troubles. 

Toilets at work are often busy. Clients and employees in some places pee in the same toilets. That is against  hygiene and not practical. Toilets should have keys.

Pregnant woman will work until high level of pregnancy. 
I saw woman 7 months pregnant how travel by bus and other passengers push her in crowd.

People who work in factories with chemicals are on high risk from cancer.

People became slaves of vices. Smokers spread addictions at work. Drinkers drink more at work, especially if they can't handle their job.

What is indeed weird, reactions of people are next:

"What i can do? I must pay my bills. That is how it should be."
" I must eat something. I know my boss is idiot but i have no other choice."
"You said about work without 8 hours of working? That is fantasy."

This month are elections in Croatia. I did not see any political group with program about less working hours. All are the same, happy family , happy mothers and kids, but how to make family happy if fathers will work whole day for small salaries and mothers must go at work in high pregnancy, just to survive? 

Is this era of lobotomized employees? You know, state of lobotomy, when nobody cares what will be, when left and right side of brain lost connection and you will only smile and wait for your execution? 

Early morning 50 people travel by bus. They listen loud folk music on radio, and nobody complain. Bus will late because driver did not manage to go on time. Some of that people will catch tram and late at work, then they will stay there over 8 hours because they must compensate missed working time. They will come at home hungry and tired. Many of Croatian people get fat because of irregular meals. They could not eat cause of emergency calls.

Here is illustrating example. Bernarda felt into depression cause her son lost his best friend in car accident, before two days. Her boss Jasmina came to her office, listened her story and said : "That is really sad my dear. Now, can you make report for me until end of this day?"
Bernarda continued to work on urgent reports even she was in the state of shock. Who ask her for her feelings? Off button is here, even she is not robot.

Average person in Croatia will ask you : "Do you have job? Oh, good you are happy because you have job." Still, nobody scratches this background to see what is really going on. 

Recently Stjepan left in retirement. He was good worker. 6 months later, he died from cancer. His colleagues hardly remember this old man. He was number in this big system. At least, he had job and salary.

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