575. Is your soulmate your turn on ?

As beginners in romantic relations, we first make fantasies about our ideal partners. What's turn you on? Do you think everything will be perfect if you get guy from your imagination? What's  turn you off? Will you be miserable if you get husband from turn off list?

Jane never liked men with fat belly and hairy men. That was sign that man is too old and untidy. She was dating with guys from gym but all broke her heart. She was easy target for them, horny and fast to jump in bed with muscles. Well, when Jane met Albert, she was down after breakup. Albert, man with fat belly and hairy face, worked in the same office with her, as new workmate. He was everything she did not wanted, but he had great sense for humor. Also he was gentleman, educated and patient. He gave her feeling of dignity back. At the end, she got married for turn off guy.

Question: if guy is turn on, do you easier fall on him? Will you let him to make love with you on first sight, because he is adorable?

Another question: if guy is turn off, will you give him chance even to talk with you? Or you will say no immediately'?

I think that our husbands are mix of turn on and turn off situation. He is the best from both options. I love men with beard, and my husband looks great with beard. I love aggressive men, and my husband is assertive person. So this turn off was in the fact my lesson. Aggressive guys, my turn on's were aggressive not just with others, they did the same with me. I was impressed with their approach, sense to control me and sexual energy, but i was not impressed with humiliation, insults and underestimation. The most, i was not impressed to share aggressive man with other women , who are horny from desires. I wanted vodka with ice, not vodka with whiskey. So i found ice to make my vodka more suitable for drink.

The most often turn on's in women fantasy:

Sex with stranger.

Marriage with rich man.

Relation with the most handsome guy in school

Relation with footballer. 

Relation with hero who save her dignity.

If you think that similarities will save your relation, you are wrong. It depends in which way you are similar souls. If you have mutual plan to travel around the world, you are soulmates, but if your similarities is based on both, stubborn characters, you will not go too far. Two stubborn partners will hardly make compromise. One must say to other : "you have right this time. "

The most often turn offs in women reality:

Fat or chubby guys.

Guy who stinks.

Poor guy without job.

Ugly guy. 

Old virgin. Man from 40 years, as virgin is not desirable.

Man who lives whole life with his mother.

As much we have fantasies, we also have fears. As one my friend says : "I am afraid that i will get marry for bold, fat man who can't make love with me anymore. " In every period of life, woman has fears and dreams. When you get marry, you will count results of your fears and dreams. Is your husband nightmare or prince from dreams?

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