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You are what you eat

Recently my neighbor died.  Woman was more than 120 kilograms weight. She could not walk so people delivered her food into her flat. She had problems with breathing and heart attack caused her death. All her life was based on food. Her stories were about ice cream, cookies, wonderful lunch on the beach, delicious slices of meat. She did not have husband or boyfriend and when her mother died, he lived alone with bags of food. At the end, food was her executor. 

These days i read about plus size models, girls from fashion industry, who appeared as response on anorexic models. So, in the time when Kate Moss introduced as model with 170 cm heights and 43 kilogram weight, all were shocked. You could look through her bones. Now days, everyone talking about plus size model Amber Graham, chubby girl who is 1,75 cm tall and 77 kilograms weight. Even more, press represent Tess Holiday, model who is only 1,59 cm tall and about 130 kilogram weight. Her statement is : "every girl can find clothes for herself. "

In my opinion, extremities are not good. As much Victoria Beckham doesn't look healthy, or Angelina Jolie lost all her body shape, in the same case, Tess Holiday could not be role model for ordinary women. 

I understand, it is hard to live in the world were slim women rule, and take all advantage. If you are too heavy, you will have problems even to find job. You will be subject of mocking, your health will be damaged and your chances to find soulmate will be limited. You can talk about inside beauty, but when you will go out, you will course your size. Omg, your favorite jeans are too tight? You can't wear your skirt anymore? Your stockings are full of holes, because you need bigger size? That is all price of your big meals and unhealthy food you eat. So, you are smart, elegant, successful and nice person, but your breasts are connected with belly and you did not see your feet a long time ago?

I was in two sides of the same story. I was very slim and later i was chubby. People will find reason to mock you when they wish too. If you are too slim, they will say: "Do you have something in the fridge? ". If you are fatty, they will say: "Don't eat me please." With years, our body is changing in shape we can't imagine before. I could eat pommes frittes in the middle of the night and i was equally weight. Today, i am on low carbohydrates diet, but i am not unhappy. It helps me to save my health and too feel more energy. When i was eating bunch of chocolates, bread and pasta i was constantly tired. My blood analysis shown high cholesterol and i could not wear what i wanted. 

Someone will say : "don't care what others think", but in this case i disagree with this. If you don't feel well in your skin, you will spread it in your relations too. When your partner don't  criticize you, but in the same time he looks at other women, think about reason why. When you look with desires into nice blouse, but you can't buy it because you can't fit in it, here is frustration. Finally, when you look into your wallet, and you realize that you spend half of your salary on chocolates or for fast food in Mc Donald's , consider yourself as idiot.

Every woman who wish to be beautiful must realize that beauty is not just gift from nature. Imagine how much time celebrities spend in gym, in training and yoga, and how much they eat? Tess Holiday earns money with her size, but how she feels when she must run ? How she can wear anything without problems with breathing? And imagine unpleasant moment when her favorite dress cracks on her back? 

Women will talk about men pigs who are joking about fatty girls. I agree, that is not nice to mock someone because person is fat. Well, how would you react that fat guy from american comedies try to date with you? Or , would you feel comfortable to share seat in bus with someone who is really overweight? Sweat and other side effects are just bonus gift in this situation.

I wonder, how old would be my neighbor if she could say no to all these meals? Her life, private and professional would be for sure different. Too much food can kill you if you let it. 

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