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How to seduce a playgirl?

Women talk about players. Those are guys who are educated to break your heart. If you see another angle of this story, some women are also players. As much they afraid of a playboy, men should be careful with playgirls. Do you think that new age brings us this news? No, women are players from the beginning of history. Cleopatra, Empress Sissi, Anne Boleyn, they were players. They knew old skills, how to play with men when you wish to accomplish your aim, or if you want revenge. 

Where are roots of woman's game? 

Helen was born as a good girl. Her father was the best person in this world. Gentle, kind and emotional father, a role model for every daughter. Helen raised with beliefs that every man is like her father. She entered in man world totally unready. Her first love was from high school, but he never noticed her. She needed experience so she started a relationship with the first guy who falls in love in her, He grabbed her as a trophy, She believed that is love, but later she did not like him anymore. That moment she felt some bitterness because she was with a guy who was the only comfort, for another she could not get. In next stage, a few years later, she wanted to lose virginity with a guy from college. He was not a good lover and she was disappointed. Instead of him, she lost her innocence with another guy. Helen did not have normal relations. She wanted stars and she collected dust. She was a loser in the eyes of playboys, but the winner in the eyes of desperate, lonely guys. Helen spent collection of her feelings in this games. She did not know what is passion, what is love, and what is a habit. She became player until she met her future husband. He gave her hand and drag her out from this hell. When Helen got married, she found another passion. Her husband was a busy manager and she needed company. She opened internet profile and started to play with guys in virtual space. Here we go again, her past was here, just in the computer. New faces, but with the same background. This parallel world was repeating of her emotional past. Why that happened? Because Helen was the prisoner of past, bullied by the black devil called temptation. As long Helen could not face her problem, she will play. She loves her husband but she loves the game too. At least, she did not touch anyone. She picks guys who live in another country and she uses the fake name. She is unreachable and covered by her secret. 

Men are curious about playgirls. Some men hate playgirls because this is man right to fuck and leave. This is not natural that woman leave guy after sex. This guy must be a pussy, who can let this happens. In the name of masculinity, men will not spare playgirls of their cruelty. They will gossip playgirls, beat them even physically and try to break them. What is worst, another woman will gather against playgirl, to destroy her. She is a shame for all women.

If you think that Playgirl is a hoe, that she looks like Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" and that she is too stupid to think, you are wrong. This kind of woman is very smart. She is doing a regular job, she looks normal even without makeup and she is very respectful. She separates her passion and her duties. She is cold minded. Such woman can steal your man if she wishes. 

Every man has a fantasy about the naughty girl. Men will not make fantasies about polite, shy woman. They will dream about a woman who will make them a slave. This is the only dream because, in reality, nobody would let a woman make him a servant. 

How to seduce playgirl?

Yes, she has her weak spots.

Listen to her because her ego is very big. 
It means not only listen what she is talking, comments this with knowledge. If she loves football, read about football. Otherwise, she will think of you as pussy.

Don't be aggressive.
She will dominate and she will give the first sign if she wants you.

If she rejects you, run. 
She can't stand persistent men.

Be her friend at first. 
She is the one who uses men and she doesn't need someone who will make love with her first night if she decided to change herself.

Don't show jealousy.
Playgirl is popular. She is a friend of many men. Try not to notice this, be cold toward his rivals and make a victory.

Make her laugh.
She needs the guy with the sense of humor. She likes to have fun.

Are you sure that you wish to spend life with playgirl? If you imagined that your wife will just confirm your words and cook meals in silence, Playgirl is not for you. You must be phlegmatic, but a smart man who will find out how to control her. You know what Helen's husband said when she confessed her games on the internet? He said that he will leave her and play around, too. It was the iced warning which made her without reply. 
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