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Who is the old maid?

Blonde woman in short skirt was crossing the street. I was in morning walk with my friends.  The cloud full of perfume entered into my nose, a woman passed next to me as walking circus. My friend commented after 10 minutes: "That is Iris, the old maid. " Iris is one of the women who tried to win the race with time. She is over 55, but always ready for competition with much younger ladies. She never got married because according to her words "all were out of my league. " Now she is trying to find a partner, but time is cruel and this is a more dead race. 
In Croatia, we said, "granny girl " or "old maid" for a woman who is wearing clothes inappropriate to her ages. She tried to be young outside and inside, and in many situations, it will make a negative effect. 

How old maid behave?

She is jealous of younger competition. 
Often, this kind of woman will gossip younger colleagues at work, because they wear sexy clothes, and it fits them.

She tries to seduce every man, to confirm herself that she is still "in the race."

She is single. Maybe she is in short-term relation, without future.

She tries to make a step with time, but often she doesn't know what is popular and trendy. 

She will claim that everything was better before when she was young.

Getting old is not easy. Suddenly, you start to think what you missed in youth, how many opportunities you did not use, and you might feel lost. When your peers got married and have children, and you are free as a bird, but you don't know what to do with that freedom, this is an empty pleasure. Make friendship with much younger people might lead you into a blind alley. You will not make steps with them, their music is too loud, clubs are full of crowd, and clothes you wish to wear is too tight for your body shape. I remember when I was 18, and woman in thirties was part of my company. She appeared from the neighborhood, and she was so clingy. She wanted to capture attention everywhere, and it was an embarrassing situation when she started to dance in nightclub in her homemade clothes. Some guys used her for one night stand because she was easy to target. She lost dignity with every her action.

When you look at social networks, you will see many examples of "old maid. " That is a woman who makes selfie in a bikini, and she is too fat or her skin is not smooth anymore, so it looks cheap. She is also posting photos from her youth, to prove that she was beautiful for many years. She is good for the teacher , as a woman who comes with instruction for young guys. When I was in nightclub with my friends, one waitress was so sticky, and she had over 50 years. She tried to seduce my friend, and he said: "Well tonight I will get lucky. I will fuck the old maid. "

I never said that older woman can't be pretty. Just, it is a different line between celebrities, rich women, and average women. Jennifer Lopez can effort to be with young guy Casper who is in the twenties because she is famous. The average woman has no money for botox, silicone and plastic surgery. She might wear her daughter's skirt, but it will look funny. 

There are many ways which will make a woman desirable even she is not young anymore.

Her personality. 
Use that experience to show what you will not do anymore.

Her business reputation.
If you are successful, show who you are.

Her circle of friends.
Do not enter everyone to be in your circle, if a person doesn't respect you.

Her financial independence.
If you live with your mother, and you are in the fifties, that is not a desirable factor.

Her natural look.
The woman who is healthy, fit and always dynamical, simply glows. Without too much makeup and fake brands.

The old maid is the woman with the wrong state of spirit and attitude. Time will stand on your feet if you insist to fit into the younger generation where you don't belong. Teenagers will recognize you as black sheep, the one who is interesting at first sight, but on long distance, you will be only frustrated grumpy granny who yells at everyone in her presence. 

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