592. Annoying couples

Imagine that you are on desert island with the same person for a month. You will not avoid conflict at least once. When people spent so many hours a day together, they start to get bored and unconsciously asking for an argument. In some moment, you will fall into abyss of misunderstanding, when you stick with each other as inseparable humans. Then you will realize are you match or not.

Here are 3 biggest lies in one relation:

We never argue.

We think the same as one soul.

When we think opposite, i always support him for the sake of love.

As someone who know partner 15 years, i can sincerely say that we argued many times. Sometimes it was unpleasant, sometimes i yell or cry, but it is healthy way in one relation. I know that my partner is not cuckold and he knows that i am not fragile flower. I never wanted different way. It would be too easy for me. At least, here is no secrets between us, even we are sometimes as rivals on opposite sides.

For sure you know some couples which irritates you on the first sight. Maybe is root in their tremendous wish to fit in society, or they just want to prove others how perfect they are.

Did you recognize some of them?

Couples which kiss each other in publicity, in every opportunity.

Ok, you can be passionate with your partner, but when you visit parents, it is very unpleasant to exchange tenderness in front of them. It looks like two animals.

Breakup couples.

They split again. And they are together again. Then they are not together . Who cares?

Jealous couples.

They are checking calls and messages to each other, they have mutual password for social networks and they don't allow each other to do nothing without mutual deal.

Barking couples.

If you did not notice them, you will hear them. They are noisy in bus, tram, train. They are talking constantly and their word is last. If you invite them in your home, be silent. Don't hope that you will get your turn to speak.

Busybody couples.

They poke nose in your privacy. Be careful if you are still single. Suddenly, they will introduce you to their common friend, nephew or divorced man from their circle. They will find you wedding gown and place where you will get married. What is the worst, they think that they are generous.

Geek couple.

She is typing on laptop, and he calls friend from his cell phone. They rarely talk, because they are busy in chat rooms. If network breaks, they will listen music at earphones.  Who needs to talk in this technology progress?

Nobody is perfect. The biggest illusion lays in belief that relation is fairy tale or story from soap operas. If you find your other half, sometimes you will realize that you could not click with someone else, just because you share your imperfection with this person.

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