595. Male virgin - prince without experience

If you ask men when they lost virginity, they will say : "I was 16. I was 18. I was 22. " Some will even say : "I was 14. " And some will say with reserve : "I was 25 but i was so picky. " Rare man will admit that he had 30 or 35 years when he first time made love with woman. Brazilian footballer Kaka wanted to save his innocence for marriage, so he was virgin until he got married. Or it was good marketing? In general, men doesn't want to talk about lack of experience, because it makes them bitter feeling, especially if their woman expects certain skills in bed.

Tell man that you are virgin, he will not judge you. Unless you are over 30, he will ask you what you did until know. Your reasons could be religious nature or you just wanted to be in marriage to make love. Man will understand you , if he is conservative, he will even be proud, because he is your first lover. 

Well, tell woman that you never made love, it will be problem. Man who is 30 years old, and who doesn't know what to do with woman's body is not so desirable partner. 

I will tell you some reasons why women avoid men virgins.

She doesn't want to be his teacher.

She doesn't want to risk that she goes to someone else after her, once when she learnt him.

She wants to feel as woman. If she teach someone, she will be a man. 

She doesn't want to tell her friends that she is with virgin. They might laugh to her.

That sounds pretty discouraging, isn't it? Man is handsome, smart, educated, good person, but he is a virgin, and he already reached some ages, when virginity is embarrassing fact. This could be lethal for his possible relations.

If you are man without experience, and you wish to make love with woman, be ready that she might rejects you.

Make a plan, as own advertising, what makes you a good man, even you are not big fucker.

Don't tell her at first sight that you never touched woman.

Tell her that you had some experience, but that you never went to the end.

Tell her that you are picky and that you did not want to make sex, just to make love. 

Tell her that you dislike cheap, easy women. You can't relax with them.

Make yourself unavailable at first sight. Don't jump when your woman moves little finger.

One virgin has different view about love. He is a bit naive. It is easy to fool him, especially if you are woman with experience. Virgin looks at woman as gentle creatures , he will buy the flowers and say sweet words, he will give her kiss in neck, walk slowly at moonlight and watch romantic movie. If she leaves him, he will be devastated. 

These are traps where every virgin might fall:

Women on internet.

Women with fake photos on internet will mislead virgins. Real man would never fall on fake photo.

Older women.

Young innocent guy is good target for older women.

Promiscuous women.

Women with lot affairs will get rest in company of young virgin.

If you think that male virgin is good, untouched soul, you are wrong. He might be example of judgment. Male virginity is often connected with traditional, religious values, and if he meets woman with open mind, she will be considered as dirty, cheap and easy in his eyes. He will hardly accept her, because she is not sweet princess. If you have no patience, he is not for you. He is as child who learns to walk. First step, second step and he falls. He might sees you as woman with disease if you had more partners. He will be afraid that he cannot satisfy you, or that you will cheat him. Your world and his world will crush if you don't want to make compromise. 

This man is a prince, but his kingdom is closed. Choose do you want to ask him a key.

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