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Why some men never learned to behave?

When a guy is handsome, he will get certain privileges. Women will notice him, he will have a big choice and in the case of the broken heart, he will heal faster. Well, there is plenty of fish in the sea, so this guy doesn't want to waste time on pain, isn't it? Also, he will take fewer efforts to seduce a woman. Many of them are under his feet even when he winks at them. So, why would he bother to call a woman, to pay her drinks, to wait for her until she gives him positive answer? He has already offered on his desk, so it made him lazy.

I don't wish to say that handsome men are bad guys. They have benefited by birth, so why to judge them? Well, if a handsome guy has a beautiful heart and strong, mature personality, you will get on the lottery. He has the whole package.

What I wish to write, is about handsome and rude guys. Are they rude because they are handsome, so they turn to extremities, or they would be rude even if they are ugly? I call them gorilla men.

I met many gorilla men during my life. When I was a teenager, I showed photos of my ex, bad boyfriend to my friend. She said: "Yes, he is rude but handsome so he can afford this. " Wow, that was an apology for his bad behavior, but that girl gave an example of women attitude. What makes guy rude, that are women in the role of sheep. 

Imagine a situation when a handsome guy appears on the internet. Sexy photos, big ego, and many women are around him. When you see a guy with a big number of friends, it is very important how he treats them. If he is flirting with every woman, the guy is trash. As long as women accept this, he is king. Then, one day he met a woman who will not fall on this corny charm. He doesn't want to be part of this brothel. How he reacts? He offends her, and for him, that woman is a prostitute, whore, frustrated lady because he doesn't swallow his strategy. 

Men live in an eternal dilemma which role to play. Macho man, gentleman or cuckold? Let's try to understand them. It is not easy if woman offends them in public because it ruins their reputation. Big macho is now down because some woman replied him and made him miserable. If he forgives her, other men will consider him as a cuckold. So, it is easier to be rude. Stay like this if you want to enjoy in the company of stupid women. Sheep will follow wolf until he eats her. If you are gorilla man, ideal woman for you is uneducated, quiet, without the attitude. She smiles at you and confirms your words because you are master of the universe. 

Now, here is only one problem. This woman doesn't make you excited. She is good at home, with dinner, when you came back drunk from a party and you wish to silence. She is good when you are tired from sex with your mistress. Well, with his kind of woman gorilla can survive. But, he will always have mistresses on another side, because they can satisfy his hunger. Gorilla man has simply life philosophy - mistress for sex, and innocent girl for marriage. Wife is boring but safe. Mistress is interesting, but usually, whore.

A real gentleman is never gorilla man. Why some men are so popular in women company, but they never insult women?

You are a real gentleman in this terms:

Your friends are different by nature. 

It means you can deal with any kind of women. Educated, old, young, teenagers, grannies. 

You gain respect to every woman, no matter if she pretty, ugly, old or young.

You allow a woman to express a different opinion, toward yours.

You make difference between your girlfriend and friends.

That means you will not call every your female friend: honey, dear, darling, sweetheart. These words are for your girlfriend.

You never talk bad about your ex-lovers.

The gorilla man is a funny creature. He reminds on the drunk guy at a party. He is invited, but he breaks all glasses, swears, he is rude toward guests. In the end, a host will kick him out. That is the result of his behavior. You might be first in your village, but beware when you try with girls in the big city. You might die hard.

I remember my friend's story. He went to the club with local gorilla man. They went into capital. The gorilla was never there, and he tried his corny strategy, to hug every girl and buy beer for her. It was very unpleasant because girls pushed him away. They were not interested in the gorilla, because club, where they went, was full of independent women who already had their friends and boyfriends. Gorilla almost got kick in his ass. He was very upset because in his village every woman falls on his charm. 

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