613. Enemies in shell

Do you consider yourself as nice person, who never hurt someone? If you do, your first thought is maybe that you have no haters . Who would hate me, i am kind, nice and good person? That is life philosophy of some people, that good actions will return to them, as reward. Goodness is not something what travels in both directions, so unfortunately if you deal with snakes, they will bite you because they are snakes, no matter how you treat them.

On other hand, haters help us to survive and to test our abilities. Your friends will spoil you with compliments, support and good deeds, so you might forget that world is cruel. If you are surrounded with love, it might make your sight blind, because everything in your life looks beautiful. No, everyone is not angel as your mother, sister and husband. That would be perfect, if we could block and delete every idiot who makes our life harder and give their spot to someone who is great person.

Don't trust to people who say that they don't know for enemies in their life. They come in different categories, and it is not easy to recognize them.

I will sign them as "negative people. " 

They are not equally mean, but they dislike you and you can expect unpleasant actions from their side.

Who are they?

Double faced friends.

Hard category. They pretend they like you, but they don't like you indeed. They are with you because of their interests. It could be your money, popularity or something else, but they are not honest friends. You will see that in the time of troubles, they run fast and first.


They are as mosquitoes. So, they can't hurt you much, but they might annoy, bother or make smaller damage, enough to spoil your day. Boring neighbor who reminds you that you forgot to say hello. Co-worker who don't want to open window in office because he got cold. He reminds you that you are idiot who wants fresh air.

Virtual idiots.

Everyone today has page on social network, and for sure someone will be there who will try to spam your inbox, bother you , dislike your photos or make filthy suggestions.


This is category of jealous and envious people. They wish what you have and they think that you did not deserve. Hater could be someone who did not get what he wanted, your ex boyfriend, rival at work and similar.

Zorro enemy.

That is someone who remember things from past. You did something what he did not like. Maybe you did not want to do this with intention, but this avenger will remember this and try to hit you.

So, now when you see this, don't be so sure that you don't have enemies. They are maybe not visible, not with open bad intentions, but they are hidden in their shell and there is minefield for you. Maybe this person smiled to you yesterday, but he wanted your death. Maybe she said sweet compliment, but he wanted to spit on you. That sneaky people are dangerous enemies, because you will sleep as baby in their presence, by thinking that they are your friends or supporters. 

Jenna was thinking that her colleagues will support her when she told them about her boss. Well, they give her condolence when she was talking with them, they promised to stand on her side. When boss invited Jenna on official talk , she found out that her colleagues talked bad behind her back. She learnt lesson, never talk bad about your boss in front of your co-workers. They could be even worse than mean boss. They might order rope around your neck.

Someone will said that theory of conspiracy is paranoid theory for people who see bad person in every corner. Well, if you are enough cautious not to open door to every sweet stranger with poppy eyes, it doesn't mean you are paranoid. Make healthy balance and don't trust with everyone who wants to get close with you. Check his shell before you decide to donor your blood . 
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