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How is hard to make cuts?

How hard is to make cuts? Life will offer exit from broken relations, failed friendships or bad jobs, so all what we need is to say goodbye. On first sight, nothing is more easier, just close the door and fly into new world. This option is so flexible that you don't need much words, you might do it in pure silence, just leave and never turn back. Burn this bridges and cut rope if someone try to come back from other side.

Some people will do it without much thinking. You are in bad relation and this stops your progress? Say that is over. Your boss is getting on your nerves? Leave as soon as it is possible. Annoying friend is all the time at your door, send so much messages, cry for help for any tiny issues? Time for farewell. 

Many YES are on the side of farewell option. Broken relations are hard to fix, we are tired from second chances, new opportunities for the same person who will again betray us, until others wonder are we idiots who always forgive and forget. Also, when you don't make cuts on time, this will progress into bigger problem and you will harder finish something in deeper phase, than on start.

What is with NO arguments, why not to say goodbye ? Ask Nancy and she will tell you her story.

Nancy has soft heart and she is quite dependable person. She doesn't like to be alone, even she earns for life and has own flat, she always need shoulder for crying, warm hug and words of comfort. Nancy is also passionate woman, so in the time when she is not in relation, she is still bonded with bad guys who use their chance to get short adventure with her. Nancy met guy in social network and had virtual relation with him. He was from another country and meeting in reality was not possible, so Nancy enjoyed in their communications over Skype and shared naked photos with him. This situation was about 4 years , even Nancy had some relation in reality, she was still in contact with cyber lover, who opened passionate emotions in her. It was her land of dreams, kind of addiction she could not resist. Guy was not nice angel , he was also meeting another women for the same thing, but Nancy could not let him go. They were fighting and situation was under pressure. Nancy tried to block him but every time when she did it, she unblocked him another day. The idea that she could not talk with him anymore was unbearable, she felt guilt. Then guy decided instead of her. He realized that he will never get rid of her, until he talks even just to say hello. He blocked all her pages . She died for him, because she got him angry with her jealousy and emotional blackmail. Nancy learnt lesson about her soft attitude. She was not furious on him, she was angry on herself. 

General question is, why people suffer in bad relations and stuck in old problems, even there is an exit?

How to recognize "gone with the wind" situation?

This situation did not give progress even after few chances.

As time is passing by, things are getting worse.

Person try to use our kindness and goodness. 

We lose our priorities in other circles, because we stuck in failed situation.

We lose time, money and nerves.

We lose our good reputation and respect from others.

Everyone know about couples who broke up few times and again had problems. Also everyone knows about job where bigger salary and chances for promotions stayed only promises. That is funny thing about goodbye option : we know how this story will end, but we don't want to press finish button. 

Possible end of this situation comes when third person involve or when other side decides instead of us. So, you did not quit this job, but now your company broke , your lover found another girl or your liar friend went into another city? I dare to call this destiny. Sometimes, life decides instead of us, when we are not enough stable, firm or ready to make cuts. 

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