626. Romance on half way

When you step into relation, there are expectations. I suppose that you know, not every relation will finish on good way. Also, as every date can't lead into relation, every bond can't lead in marriage. Sometimes, we need something to grow, to recover or to feel cozy. Even this sound unfair, human heart is not universal gift in every opportunity. 

When man is not sure in his feelings, women are able to call him male pig. When woman is not sure, that is "her choice. " Sometimes, we are too hard toward men who simply decided not to call, not to commit or just say NO. Look at yourself, were you always available for everyone who wanted to be with you?

When Deborah went into college, she wanted to find boyfriend, because all her friends were in relation. She chose man who was in half way to win her heart. She felt important, finally people talked about her as girl in relation, she had stories about two of them. After a month, her heart chilled out. She did not see herself in future with that guy. That story finished on quiet way, they simply stopped to call each other. 

Romance on half way is cool option when this is mutual agreement. This sound as job, so you are on contract, temporary employed. There is no guarantees that you will stay permanent. If you are aware of this, you can have fun. 

Here are advantages of romance on half way:

You can't get hurt, because you don't love him. You just like him.

You can't hurt him, cause he is not in love in you. This is just flirt.

You are free to get out from this story, anytime.

Your self confidence will grow. Maybe you feel more pretty, more safe or more lucky. 

Here is one catch, human heart is not computer. It can't shut down when you want. Sometimes, this kind of romance is trap, you might fall in love.

Bill and Zara were in romance on half way. He went out from hard relation, she was single. They did not know where they are going. Started as friends, but finished in bed as lovers. Until they made love, Zara did not want anything from him. After that, Zara expected commitment, she gave him her body. Bill did not feel at this way. He hurt Zara, without intention. She was desirable to him, but not material for relation accord his standards. He was not ready.

How will you know that your feelings for someone are not real?

Your heart will not beat fast in his presence.

You will not check your mails and cell phones and ask for his messages.

You are not afraid to lose him.

You feel good with him, but adrenaline is not here. Your breath will not stop when he is with you.

This kind of romance is bond without big emotions. There is no thunderstruck. There is no conflict which leads into sex . When promises are not realized, you don't care either. This kind of romance vanish by itself. 

For sure you had some kind of these romances in your life. As first snow, this stories faded in your heart. You learnt something from that, what you don't want. Eliminations are key of love, on this way we know for what we are ready. 
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