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Did you mix a business and a pleasure?

Did you ever ask yourself how could you fall in love in such person? He is grumpy, rude, arrogant and he doesn't care about fact that you are only woman. Even he represents everything you don't like, your heart skips a beat when you see him. 

Quarrels are invisible fetish. Nothing raise your blood pressure as conflict with man you like, but you disagree with him.Imagine this movie scenes. He said you are stupid, you reply to him that he cares only for his ego, he grabs you for your arm , you push him and he kiss you. This is start of battle which will finish in your bedroom. 

Women are different and not every woman will make horny on my description of hot scene. If you are hot tempered woman, rebellious, stubborn and firmly stand behind your beliefs, you will want to compete with men and they will wish to break you. Really, there is no bigger pleasure for man to break strong woman, the one who knows her preferences and who will dare to cross limits. 

Heather is one of them, strong business woman, person without fences in her speech. She is not typical in her area, because her ideas are original and she dare to say opposite to her business partners. As manager, she is without compromise no matter about dealing with men or women. Brian noticed her on business journey, where she spent few days in expensive hotel. She was resting on the beach when he came and gave her advice to use sun cream otherwise sunny beam will burn her skin. Heather replied : "Is that your business, my burning skin?" He smiled but he did not give up. During dinner for partners , where everyone discussed about new project Brian noticed stain on her blouse, it was track of tomato sauce. Again, Heather replied him with sarcasm : "I am really happy that this project includes free nanny Mr. Brian. " They were drinking and few hours later they finished in bedroom and had sex. Day later, Heather was not grumpy anymore, she was smiling and used skin protection while she was resting at the beach.

Where is role of adrenaline in our private life? 

Some statistics said that busy women practice more sex than unemployed women. Business stress, too much idiot people around us, sleepless nights, too much coffee ? Little by little, your limits are crossed and you want to jump in the pool, slap someone or simply have sex, because business rhythm is unbearable? Suddenly you wish to grab first sexy guy and rip his shirt because this business deal went wrong? So then you will turn into greedy beast to satisfy your needs.

Society will easy judge women who dare to show their sexual appetite. More, that is suitable for men, but such woman is slut , without feelings or robot. I had interesting talk with my ex colleague, who said that she got sexual proposal during seminar at sea. She said : "I will not be his shoe to throw me away later after wearing. "She was serious woman but he was horny man in marriage. Nobody judged him but she had problems at work later. If situation were opposite, all would laugh to horny female boss. Even men will sue so rarely for sexual abusing at work. Come on, to sue woman to take an advantage of me? I will use her, i am a man.

What to recommend women with big sexual appetite? 

Be quiet and wait for a man who will know how to save secret. It happens between you and him and there is no need for microphone. Any other opinion is not desirable. If you share story about your past or present adventures, mostly women will not have understanding for this, and man will see you as sexual object. Their conscience will work in opposite direction, in sense "if others slept with her, she can't blame me that i hurt her". 

Women as Heather will smile and go forward, no matter about end of their stories. Brian called Heather after this event , but she was not available. He called her again for one week and they went at dinner. Why she accepted offer after delay, she was checking him. She wanted to be sure that he will not brag about affair to her business partners. Confidence was all what she asked for, and Brian passed the test. 
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