631. Granny with cookies

A long time ago  my friend  Y asked me : "How do you manage this? How you raise after fall? I want to die. I would kill myself if i could. My life sucks and it will be only worse. " If you had role of happiness, would you knock at her door? Frankly, i would not, because i think she would said to me to get lost. That is the point of pessimistic people, they don't know to recognize new chance, and even more, they will escape from realization of possible opportunities. 

It sounds painful, but some people enjoy in their miseries. On this way they justify their acts or just a fact that they do nothing at all. You know old story about granny and cookies? Shortly, person sit in the dark, wipe tears and wait for saint savior to help her. Miracle is the only option for such victim. Well, surprise, that granny with cookies, saint savior, come to those who are already happy, because her cookies are bonus desert, not main meal. 

Friend Y came with me in night club to find guy. She said to me: "Can you try this for me, you have more luck. " My rolling eyes and facial expression said all, but i replied : " For start, cheer up. It doesn't have to be immediately this night. " So we were there and i had fun with commenting guys who were passing by. Prince charming did not come, she did not have nerves to talk with anyone. Today, many years after, she is still alone. Meanwhile, we are not talking too, because she decided that my optimism is big enemy for her depression. The truth was, she was always chasing guys who were already taken. It was her curse.

How you treat opportunities?

There are some correct ways how to accept challenge and win.

Don't underestimate your odds.

Don't expect too much. Start from small victories.

Don't give up when you are already on half way.

Don't be discouraged by failed past. Live in present moment.

What i learnt about life is good timing. Sometimes, life will offer you something, and you must decide quick. Are you in or out? Grab this chance, because maybe another time doesn't exist. Many times when i succeed, i might say i was there "on time. " Maybe it was minute before midnight, but i was there. 

It is better to grab the last chance, than to chase opportunities which are only delusional. The key of success is also to know your abilities. No, i will not dance in reality show, i will not compete with world record in swimming or running. I know where is my area. That is definition of aim, not to lose time on wrong things. Don't pick fruit from wrong basket. 

This feeling when you use your chance is similar to lottery won. Yes i did it. I am happy now, because i was smart before. I did it on time.
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