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Are you the appropriate wife?

"Omg. What kind of dress is that, where are you going in this? You are married. " This was first reaction when Mabel's grandma saw her granddaughter in new dress. 

Mabel got married before a year ago. Her husband is younger than she and they are dynamic couple, they are travelling a lot . They don't fit in pattern about usual married couples. She even lost at her weight , about 7 kilograms, since they got married. They have no kids but they are happy. Mabel's grandma could not swallow that her granddaughter is not typical wife. As religious woman, she found out that this marriage is not accord God's rules. They did not marry in church,  in front of priest. They invited on their marriage only close family members. Soon is their anniversary and they will celebrate on open party with electronic music. 

Society made software for every situation. Ethic's standards are irreducible. If you don't fit, you will get kick in your ass. Other couples, which are examples of purity will not invite you on mutual dinners and they will gossip you under your back. Lucky, as much society is full of usual married couples, we made opposition with people who create their world . No, we are not from Woodstock and we don't wish to live in tribal where everyone can make love with everyone, but also we reject to follow meaningless social convention. 

What kind of rules social software made ?

Here are 7 rules for wives:

Wife should not wear short skirts or sexy clothes because this is provocation. This will fit to free girls.

Wife should not use social networks and talk with other man.

Wife doesn't need to work, because husband will earn money for family.

Wife must give birth to child. Woman without child is not worthy.

Wife should associate with other wives because they are clan now.

Wife should spend time at home, not on social events or parties. Even if her husband goes on social events she should stay at home.

Wife must cook and do all house work by herself. Husband will not do this because this is shame for men. 

As times are changing, social softwares are upgrading, but some things will always stay the same. Some members of society will always judge something what is different. Neighbor X is shocked every tiem when he sees Mabel. Accord him, Mabel should be modest, quiet and with smile on her face. X often hear Mabel and her husband in discussions , she act sometimes bossy and her husband value her opinion. What, Mabel is allowed to have opinion? The most shocked thing was when Mabel and her husband watched together football matches. They were rooting loudly. 

There is something what X will never admit. He dreamt about woman as Mabel. For sure she is good mistress in bed. She is so exciting and interesting. X is married with quiet wife Zoe. His wife is silent, she obeys to him, she is shy, traditional and always in grey colors, because as she said "red is for whores. " She is making lunch every day in 12 :00 and she serves plates and spoons in front of her husband. When X is watching football, she is walking on toes and she never comments game. Zoe is associated with other women who are visiting knitting class and there they make gossip about Mabel. Accord them, Mabel is devil's messenger. 

Do you belong to social software? If you are married, your life will not change in wrong direction if you don't want to do this. You can still keep your attitude, preferences and values . You might modify your lifestyle, but in deal with your husband. What kind of marriage you have depends on you and your partner. If you got married to follow social software, don't be surprised when this software change. One day other wives might turn their heads from you because you wear wrong shoes. 

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