650. Seductress - queen of marketing

Love choices are lottery. If you don't get jackpot or at least small award for comfort, you will stay with empty pockets. Well, as it is familiar jackpot is only for the luckiest people or for those who are already a long time in this game. Just, is choice of your soulmate matter of luck or at least there are some other elements?

„If he is right one, he will like you even if you wear bag, you don't need makeup and expensive clothes“ – that is how your granny said , and the same has written in romantic cheap novels, about couples who lived happily ever after. Granny Mary met grandpa Steven while she was working in vineyard, and she has no expensive purse and she has never heard about cosmetic saloon neither manicure or pedicure. Steven liked her in simple dress, homemade blouse and without makeup. Well, Steven was not Internet user, otherwise, who knows what would happen.

As times has changed, perception of beauty changed too, so nowadays beauty is created, not gifted by nature. Even 14 year old girl goes out with makeup in hope that boy next door will notice her special appearance, if she manage to open eyes with fake lashes. Of course, girls are not aware that too much makeup will make her face artificial, and that million selfies at social network are not guarantee for meeting Prince charming. They are in learning process how to seduce men, and lessons are not for free.

„My dear, start with lies, don't be the only one who plays fair game. „ – that was simple advice from friend, to girl who lost boyfriend cause of sexy rival in short skirt. Plain Jane cried because she had no guts to wear something sexy. Well, how to lie, where is limit and in which area one woman might use illusion and hunter stories, because aim will justify tools?
Sandra is average girl. Her face would pass in crowd, she is overweight and without high heels she is lost. She was never unhappy in love cause she is always happy, joyful spirit and she picks her style very well. Nobody knows how unhappy she was as teenager, when peers have mocked her because of short legs, big hips and small eyes. Nobody knows that she could not have orgasm even she was promiscuous. She will raise from the dust and go further, and others will guess about her past. She realized that fair play is not always ace in her pocket.

Power of marketing is like magic stick. We see  emperor's new clothes but we cannot see emperor's nudity. Do you think you will succeed as you are, without faking things, make it more pretty or less real? Make a balance, take from rich basket of marketing what is good for you and not poisoned, but it can help. Sometimes you must push your values but that is not possible without marketing and tricks. Try with white lies, harmless stories, because that is what yours rivals do. So, dye your hair if you are brunette, be blonde if this fits you well. Set up your boundaries too. If you say that you were candidate for Miss beauty in your city, and you just stand in audience, you cross your limits.

Maybe your mother suggested this dull , well educated boy, but you want dude who never noticed you? Remember this statement: „You have changed, i never saw you before, did you go out at all?“

Maybe you just change style, so your clothes is now more sexy, you don't wear long skirts or shirt you can drown, or you just wear high heels so your legs are now more visible? As my mother says: „You finally dressed up as real woman, not as before when you were ready to play football matches“. This is not situation when you wish to please your guy, you just used female weapon, seducing. So, how you will seduce guy if you don't try to express something what is the most beautiful in you?

Why charming guy from neighborhood did not noticed woman next door before she changed hairdresser and her style? Maybe she was already pretty, but it was something which missed, to make her glowing.

Just relax, seducing is illusion, and for routine is time when you will be married. Even then, surprise your partner with your transformation when he last expects.
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