652. Sex appeal - real point

How much times you were attracted by person who is not classic beauty type, but she is example of dazzling personality? You can't stop think about her because she is simply vibrating? In this case, you are in trap of sex appeal and fatal attraction.

My friends described this as : „He is not handsome man, but he has something inside of him. „ „I dated handsome guys, but i lose breath when he is near..“ „I did not like him on first sight, but when we started to talk i could not take my eyes from him. „

Sparks are weird thing, some kind of magic which occupy us totally, so we will see only beauty things, and forget failures when we look person who captured our attention. 

We don't seek for aesthetic values, more we observe our reactions. So, he is not your type, but you are blushing in his presence, you are clumsy in your speech, your heart beats too fast even you laughed to him before few days and you said to your friend that you dislike him?

Alan was average man, slim, with haircut as he is member of The Beatles ,  with small eyes and grumpy character. Women were fighting for him, and he had so much girlfriends that he stopped to count. He was more mean and more girls wanted to have him, as he put a spell on them. He was not rich , he runaway from school and good manners were something unknown for him. Well, girls described him as „cool dude“, „sexy man“ and „hunk“.

On the other hand, Marco is  good guy from rich family, good looking with nice manners, 30 year old man with good work but without sexual experience.  It is like life has passed over him, he is still single, one figure who will capture everyone's interest but nobody will buy it. Women say that he is narcissist, mama's boy and so boring as daily TV news.

What is indeed sex appeal, chemistry which causes our mind loss? 

This is not necessary connected with good looks, even this combination is perfect. It was always written about Marilyn Monroe as symbol of sex appeal, and also about scene when Sharon Stone crossed her legs in „Basic instinct. „

King Edward VIII th fall on charm of Wallis Simpson and abandoned throne, even she was far away from beauty bombshell. Her smile, deep sensual voice, special way of talking, incredible sense for humor, all this could be part of sex appeal. Exactly, if you copy other's personality and style, if you cover your face with makeup so you look like a clown, if your behavior is artificial and mood always grumpy, you don't owe sex appeal.

If you could pick Alan or Marco, which one would be your choice for lover? Could it be Alan, who is gifted by sex appeal, but not handsome, or Marco, who is cute as Ken, but without sexual experience, picky, even women hater toward those women who are too open minded? Explain your choice to men who don't get a point, why some of them stayed with short sleeves even they are good looking gentlemen, but obviously something misses them?

It is enough that you look at person and follow body language. Chemistry doesn't cheat. If your heart beats and you feel fire in cheeks or you lose breath when particular man is around, this is right one, because your physical alarm is turned on. Intuition says this is the one, so it must be true.
Forget about prejudices, shame and typical fear from public opinion. Forget about what you suppose to like, because this forward you is different than you thought. This is something what you really like.
Relax and enjoy because your inner signalization turned on. So, he is maybe not your prince charming you dream about, but he activated all your right buttons and you can't imagine nobody else instead of him.

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