655. Unfriended, deleted and blocked

Once when you are connected with someone as friend you share everything. Tears, laugh, joy, sadness. You are confident, many secrets stay hidden and relation develops as kind of blood connection. Having a friend is a treasure, loss of friend is damage.
Technology surprised us with new phenomenon called virtual friends. As much internet separates people because we stare in our gadgets more than we should do, also internet connect people from different part of the world, in the way how we never imagine. Indeed, i would never met people from Turkey, Thailand , India and other countries without internet. That places i never visited in real life and maybe i will never see, but thanks to that people i feel their culture and i share their mood with them every day. We trade photos, opinions, conversations and enjoy in our differences and experiences.
When you break contact with friend in reality, you will turn your head on the street. You will not say hello. Maybe you hear gossip later. Maybe friend try to make revenge, to make you humiliated because you hurt him.
In virtual life, once when you use block option, this person vanish. Person is dead, like it never existed. Some kind of people will try new approach and make new profile, they will try to seek you on other social networks, but with time they will give up.
What stays as question is why people break friendships in virtual world, what kind of reasons are the most often?
This i will try to answer accord my experiences.
Interest for same guy in internet will break friendship, especially if guy sits on both chairs.
Rude comments on photos.
Call each other fat or overweight.
Talking bad about kids, boyfriends or husbands from friend’s side.
Spamming inbox or tagging without limits.
Unwanted advices and busybodies.
If you are gay and you contact guy who is straight.
Interest for the same girl.
Different political beliefs and religious status.
Make their manhood under question.
Discovering friend is fake.
Too much talk and trolling.
As i say we are from other cultures, if you have multicultural page (as mine for example), we should be careful what is finding as insult in which country. In general on my first line are annoying people and spammers. Then in second line are perverts (which are also annoying so it comes in first line too) and busybodies.
Shall we offer explanation before we use delete button? Well, if we warned person few times about their actions, then not. I am always for alert at first. Before i close the door i wish to show person where the door are. I use nice apology when i disagree and rough approach when person doesn’t hear me.
What is advantage in this virtual friendship? There are lot of fish in the sea. You might give second chance but don’t waste too much time. Always here are new people who would appreciate you more.
Also if you get such reaction: “You are hurting me by disagreeing with me. ” you know you are on the right way. Mature person will not act as hurt just because opinions are different.
If you get love offer from a guy , as i got “be mine or i will block you”, also close the door. Blocked options invented smart guy who knew how far humans can go.
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