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Women between two men

When I read about love records, my eyes always stuck between couples who stayed over 50 years of marriage, without cheating and temporary separating. I read about couples who died together in the same bed and I am attached with smiles on their wrinkled faces. Somehow I always think this kind of love belong to past times and I remember my granny and grandpa who spent 52 years in a happy marriage until she has passed away. When grandpa stayed after her, he used to say that he is cooking lunch with her voice as a guideline and that is how he can handle days alone. Once my grandpa said to me: "Real love, my dear was between me and your granny. Real love never gets old, remember that. "

What is see nowadays are only divorces, cheating and sitting on two chairs, from both sides. Did modern life spoil us or we just got over real love, because we became addicted to something more passionate, more dangerous, kind of adrenaline for hearts?

Then I started to ask, how is possible to love two persons at the same time, in the case when a woman has a love affair?

This is a story about Rebecca who found lover before few months. Rebecca is not slutty type. She was devoted to her husband and she still loves him. If you ask Rebecca who is guilt, she will say her husband has no fingers in it. Rebecca acts like a man who is walking by foot all his life and suddenly he got drive exam. So this is Rebecca's lover Jake, he is her drive exam. One fact about this relation, it is only virtual. He never touched her because they live far away and they did not meet yet. They are talking on the phone, changing erotic photos and talking on camera. 

Rebecca's husband Ted is a gentleman. Well, he is not stupid. He feels something is not all right even he has no proof for this. She wanted to say the truth but she stuck in the middle. When she said she was talking with man 10 minutes on the internet page, Ted got mad and did not talk to her. He treated her that he will find a mistress. So Rebecca did step back and keep quiet. Where is Jake in this story? Jake wants to meet with Rebecca. She swaps him on feet. She turned his world. Jake is divorced, womanizer, used to get all that he wants. He thought he will impress Rebecca on first sight, that she will come to him with the plane, but he missed the target. Rebecca wants to enjoy her fantasy, but she doesn't want to meet with him for real. She wants to get high but she doesn't want to put her life in his hands.

She was calculating what will happen to her. For sure, Jake would not accept to marry her, at least not immediately. She would not have guts to leave her country and her safe job. Besides of all, Rebecca knows she has competition. Jake adore her until she is kind of unavailable for him. In the case that she meets him and make love, her rating will be lower. She will not have the backup. Losing Ted or losing Jake, that was her question. Rebecca wants to have both. If you ask her, she loves Ted who is faithful, loyal and kind. He is her back up. Rebecca wants Jake who gave her explosion in fantasies. Nasty bitch, you will say? This woman wants to have cake with cream, but cream is somewhere else and forbidden to her, cause she could lose cake.

Now I wonder what would be if my grandpa could read this story. If my grandpa had a computer and social networks. What would my grandma say? 

Can we read, for 50 years, how many marriages survived without flirting, cheating, even innocent conversations with someone else? How many really respected pledge "till death make us apart"? What is funny, everyone is quiet and maybe rare will admit because others will judge them. The moral jury is always ready, not because they care, it is because they don't dare to do the same. 

We are bloody under the skin and only humans. Did you had the opportunity to cheat, did you bite your lips and walk away or you just swim in misty waters?
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