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The real men do (not) make it public

I always think about a making love as a private thing, because this distinguish people from animals. Simply thought that someone can watch me or hear me gives me the unpleasant feeling. Once I was with my husband in a car and we saw face on the window, i was thinking that i will freeze from fear. Guy started to runaway before we called police. That was kind of adrenaline but in wrong sense, because i got instinct to smash guy’s head with hammer.
Before a year ago me and husband move on new flat. New neighbors, new habits and new adjustment. This is rather quiet building and i rarely meet anyone except in elevator. After some time, we heard couple who live upstairs. It was a female voice, moaning during they made love. It was repeating several times at months and last time i heard it yesterday. I did not sleep well cause I got up early for work and sound of her voice is still in my ears. It sounded as wounded pig. If you ask me am i jealous? No, I don’t have a reason. I was horny? Not a chance, it chilled me out on zero degrees.

I was just surprised for several reasons.
Woman has no shame, because everyone can hear her.
Woman obviously don’t care about privacy, because that is show for everyone now.
Her husband is primitive or hungry for attention. 
I know some men would say : “Wow, I am fucker number one, let everyone see how I do this. ” Some women would say : “That is real man , and i am proud what i have at home.” For me, all this is primitive. I know, in February time, i heard cats and their moaning, and i have much laughs, because that are animals. Cats don’t know about a shame, a honor, a disgrace. They are a cute cats and we will accept this as the animal instinct.
Well, people are reasonable creatures, with ratio, shame, honor, grace. Everyone who cares about a good reputation will keep their intimacy private. What is more sexy than intimacy between 4 walls, where nobody can hear you except your sexy partner? I don’t have desires to be exposed as in a porno movie, I don’t want that neighbors laugh at me or gossip me because of my screams, and I am person who can control myself. What I do, how I do, is my personal thing.
I know that couple, she represents herself as a kind woman who never has conflicts , and he is kind of a hooligan in a midlife crises. So, what I suppose to tell them? They are kind of people who are not for a big discussion. They are a savage peasants. I cover my ears and make music loud if is the afternoon, but if there is over midnight hour, i can just hope that they will finish quick with their show.
Somehow I feel pity them. They are stashed in a small flat, 5 of them, with small salaries on manual work , so this sex exercise is all what they have. This shows indeed a failure in life : if you don’t have place to fuck and everyone can hear you, you screw yourself at first.
I am not judgmental, far from that, but I despise if someone wants to put something inappropriate as a moral standards in general. 

As I heard in a similar situations, let people enjoy. Freedom is limited where another’s freedom starts.  Some people also want to enjoy in a silence.

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