663. Lady in midlife crises

Talking about midlife crises is somehow connected with men. If you see image of man who stare in young girls and try to flirt with them, you will say "silly old grandpa. " We women are not the main subject as horny old ladies who try to reach another youth. That is forgotten, or you did not pay enough attention.
Stats said that women jump in midlife crises in 44. Are all women in that age victims of foolish decisions? For sure not. You can be in twenties or in fifties , but if you are not reasonable person, your brain will stay useless. I say deliberately, because everyone has brain, just some not use it. 
I read many articles about reborn women. Such foolishness as "forties are new twenties" or "my life begins in forties. " Well, if life begins in forties, what did you do in twenties? I was wild in twenties, and i am wise in forties, but i will not say that i am living another youth. No, i have no need to compete with girls 20 years younger than me, because i am living in my own movie.
Which are indeed symptoms of middle age crises between women and how to deal with this?
Suddenly you start to look at guys much younger than you. 10, 15 or even 20 years.
You make internet profile but with photos from your youth, not from present.
You start to wear short skirts or borrow clothes from your daughter.
You put too much makeup.
You are visiting night clubs together with your daughter's peers.
You are flirting with young guys in internet. 
You try to find your ex lover from youth and make contact with him.
Women in forties and fifties are beautiful if they wear their ages with dignity. They know what they want and what they don't want. They are not topic for jokes because they have awareness about maturity. They have careers, children, husbands, or if they don't have, they don't try to copy younger women and not involve where is not their place. 
Tatjana, woman from Russia, opened internet profile and started to flirt with much younger guys. Some of them accepted. She lives in illusion that guys are interested for her. They are interested for fetish, some fun and to kill boredom. Her friend, Olga, noticed her activity and asked her : "Dear, what are you doing? Isn't that humiliated, that young guys watch you half naked and try to use you for cheap fun? " Tatjana did not listen her advice. She has plan to travel in another country to meet with guy who captured her heart. He could be her son accord his ages. He has no intention to meet with her, at all, but he ask for a ways how not to hurt her. 
In forties, you don't look back. You will not seek for your love from childhood, or try to get young piece of meat. You will not copy Kim Kardashian . What you learnt until now is to follow own intuition. Your past experiences tell you what went wrong, and what you might lose. 
You learnt to make difference between sex and love a long time ago. You know that affection is not devotion, and that sexy butt is not term for good relation. You know how to say NO. 
If you think on way : "Life is short, and i have maybe 20 years left, what i can lose? " this is not right way. You might lose good reputation, dignity and self respect. You might lose people who believe in you, connection with your family and real friends. You might got label as "old bitch. " That kind of label is worse than label for young bitches, because they have pretty much time left.

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